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Affordable Computer and Cell Phone Repair | iFixYouri {Review}

At a mom’s meeting, one of the moms mentioned that her husband worked at this place called IFixYourI. As someone who always seems to have a device (or few) that needs repair of some sort, my ears perked up. She explained that the owner started as an iPhone repair but has expanded to most electronic devices.

She was telling us some of the craziness that they are mailed (yes, mailed), including this college student who wrecked his computer by vomiting on it. At the time, they were assessing it. I don’t know if they fixed it, but the key is that they tried, through the disgusting mess.

So, when I finally dragged my behind over there (not far, just lazy), I took an old shattered iPod for repair first. My son had dropped it during our move across country from the bed of the moving truck to the ground. I didn’t have high hopes for its repair. Turns out I was right.

But the cool thing was that I wasn’t charged since they couldn’t fix it. No holding fee, no deposit, no fee at all. iFixYouri called me about its inability to turn the device on then told them they could recycle it if they wanted to.

I asked questions about a computer I wanted to bring in and they let me know that virus removal was about $80. Considering Geek Squad was a $99 deposit just to do an assessment, then even more to remove it, this was a great deal.


I dropped it off, letting them know that a full hard drive wipe and recovery was ok if they deemed it necessary to remove the virus.

When they finished, the bill was just $21!

iFixYouri determined that it wasn’t a virus causing the problems, but some out of wacky default settings.

Needless to say, I was grateful that I “saved” $60!

The only con I could even mention is that I dropped it off on a Saturday and didn’t get a call until the following Wednesday.

At this location in West Palm Beach, they have no computer techs on the weekend, focusing on phones instead.

I also told them that it was no rush since it had been months since our last use, a couple of extra days wouldn’t matter. I don’t know the speed if you said you needed it ASAP, on a weekday or a call ahead.

iFixYouri has several locations in Palm Beach County, Florida, Orange County, Florida and Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

I would highly recommend trying them out if there is a location in your neighborhood.

iFixYouri | Affordable Computer and Cell Phone Repair | AprilNoelle.com

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Daddy’s Home {Movie Review}

With three children, I rarely have the opportunity to go out alone, for no other reason, but to be alone. This weekend, I had the chance to watch a screening of the movie Daddy’s Home, alone. The movie was well worth it.

Directed by Sean Anders, Daddy’s Home brings together the team of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, who played side by side in The Other Guys. Mark Wahlberg’s sexy and tough guy attitude plays well off of Will Ferrell’s sweet and comedic demeanor.

From the website: Brad Taggart (Ferrell) is a kindhearted radio executive who wants to be the best possible stepfather to his wife’s (Linda Cardellini) two children. When her impossibly cool ex-husband Dusty (Wahlberg) breezes back into town, Brad’s feeling of insecurity quickly develops into an inferiority complex. As Dusty demonstrates his flair for athletics, home repair and bad-boy charisma, Taggart finds himself in a no-holds-barred battle to one-up his rival and win the approval of his family.


Daddy’s Home hits a home for a lot of people who are trying to blend their families. Brad struggles to be accepted by the children in his new family as a stepfather. As soon as he sees the light at the end of the rainbow, the biological comes into town to win back his family. This movie is right in my wheelhouse, very few slapstick humor moments, but a lot of subtleties that keep you laughing.

I was disappointed in the role of the wife who seemed to be an outsider in the growing competition between her current and ex husbands, letting them work out their differences on their own. Her involvement may have complicated the story line, but I think it would have overall been a better movie for it.

Kid Friendly: 13+. There are a lot of adult moments, not really appropriate for little ones. In our theater, several parents of the younger children had to leave because the children couldn’t sit still.

Score: 8/10 Room for improvement, but a good time.

Director: Sean Anders
Cast: Will Farrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Haden Church, Hannibal Buress

Opens Christmas Day 2015

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Perfect All Around Glass {Ozeri Serafino 16-ounce Glasses Review}

So, here’s the truth; April’s review and our personal conversation led me to want to try Ozeri Serafino 16-ounce Glasses, which I received for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Just to let you know, the links herein are Amazon links ~ doesn’t cost you more, but gives us a few cents to keep this blog going! 🙂 

I have two young daughters that my mother is trying to train to drink out of real glasses. She has a personal dislike (and vendetta, in my opinion) against plastic drinking cups. She doesn’t care how cute the characters on them are. She has bought the 8 ounce mason jars with the handles as starter glasses for them.

The adults, however, spare no expense for ourselves and we buy what we like. I liked what I heard about these double wall thermos glasses and wanted to give them a try. If they turned out to be as shatter-resistant and versatile as I heard, I will have hit a gold mine.

I received the Ozeri Serafino 16-ounce Glasses that came 2 per box. As I unwrapped the first one, I like the way it felt in my hand. The center on the length of the glass had a smaller diameter that the rest of the glass and was indented for fingers to securely hold it in place and made it easy to handle. I also noticed the shine on them that Ozeri boasts it will never lose.

In order to try all the things that are claimed in the description on the box, I had to use this glass for all my daily occasions. I started with coffee. The glass held up well. The glass only became warm to the touch but not hot (closer to the top) after the coffee had sat in it for what I timed to be 10 minutes. The coffee also stayed very warm until the very last drop. This is something that does not happen in my regular coffee mug.

Ozeri Serafino 16-ounce Glasses Review

For my usual mid-morning pick me up, I made my after work out frozen smoothie and poured it into the glass. Again, after about 10 minutes or so the glass was cool to the touch but not cold. I did not drink it. My daughters’ school had called and I had actually forgotten about it. When I discovered it still sitting where I had left it an hour later, guess what….it was still really cold. The ice had melted, of course, but the drink was still REALLY cold.

Next, I made a cup of tea. I put a tea bag in the glass, added some water and put it in the microwave for 90 seconds. I checked on the tea and I did not see steam so back in it went for another 45 seconds. I tested the glass before completely grabbing it and Voilà! I was able to pull it out with my bare hands. I ran the same test as with the frozen drink and left the glass on the counter. As with all the other uses, the outside temperature did warm some after 10 minutes or so. Now get this, 4 hours later, the tea was still very warm; not hot, but VERY warm.

The last test was to put it in the dishwasher. Ozeri says it can be done but to be careful about letting it bang around with other items at high temperatures. I treated as any other one of my glasses. It is still shiny and in one piece.

I do want to add that I have even dropped it one….nada. Not a scratch on it. In my opinion, these Ozeri Serafino 16-ounce Glasses are worth every penny.



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Helping My Weight Loss Dreams Become Reality with Ozeri Precision 2 Digital Bathroom Scale Review}

Before we get started, thanks to Kim for writing this review. She’ll be doing a lot more writing as time goes on. The links herein are affiliate links.If you decide to purchase, I will receive some change while you don’t pay anything extra. I appreciate all that you do to keep this blog going. 

Ok, so here’s the truth….

I am fat. Brutal, I know, but I can talk about me that way. No one else can.

Problem: I have decided that I no longer want to be fat. My solution is I am determined to do something about it and I have started working out at my local gym. Next problem: determining starting weight, goal weight, and all checks in between; privately.

Solution: Ozeri Precision 2 Digital Bathroom Scale!  Jeez, I was so happy to have the opportunity to try this one for free in exchange for an honest review!

Let me first mention that this piece of technology came with freebies! I opened the box to find that a tape measure and body fat calibrator were included!

Here is the first great thing about the Ozeri; the numbers are digital, large enough to see without struggling, and they are on a lit background for even further clarification. I just adore the fact that I don’t have to count the hash marks to get an accurate number; well…guess really, because I can’t clearly see the hash marks without getting down on my hands and knees. An added bonus is that the lighted display means I don’t have to turn on overhead light to see, therefor waking my sleeping hubby before my pre-dawn workout.

Ozeri Precision 2

The next great advantage is that it measures any change and rounds to the nearest 100 grams. When you step on the scale your current weight will display for 6 seconds followed by the previously recorded weight. If it is a gain, the lighted background will show in the color of red. If it is a loss of weight, the background will be lit in the color of green. No guess-work!

Now, the look of the scale may have been your first comment if you were writing this review, it was surely the first thing that my hubby commented on. He says it upgraded the look of our bathroom. It definitely was a noticeable change from the previous one that was old, grey and black with a huge dial, bulky in size, and almost as heavy as any user. The Ozeri is made of durable tempered glass which makes it almost invisible. It has a sleek, modern look with brushed nickel trim, and made low to the floor.

A few other need to know facts are: it runs on 4 triple AAA batteries (provided), an automatic shut off  to preserve battery life, auto power on upon stepping on the scale, maximum weight capacity is 400lbs ( which I pray I never see!), and a low battery/ weight overload indicator.

I love my Ozeri Precision 2 scale and now I am ready to check out what other great products they make!

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The Perfect Party Glass – Moderna by Ozeri {Review}

I love using glass at home. We have plastic cups for the kids, but for the adults, we go head first into purchasing glass products. Since having children, I’ve realized that our glasses have to have more than one function. We just don’t have the space to house a glass for every occasion.

Enter Moderna by Ozeri.

I received these awesome glasses in exchange for an honest review and I couldn’t be happier. Above the other glasses in our cabinet, these are the first ones we turn to. Unfortunately, we only have four of them.

Made of durable, heat-resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass, these 8 ounce glasses are the finest quality. Moderna‘s double wall design keeps your hands comfortable even though you may have the coldest of cold or the hottest of hot drinks inside. The two opposing dimples make for a natural and effortless grip, which is great for hot coffee as well as ice cream and everything in between.


No condensation. With children, sometimes we end up putting down our glasses in the worst places if we need to take care of the kids. Paper and wood alike has been scared by the lingering condensation. These Moderna glasses have kept tables and paper dry alike.

Keeps cold drinks cold. Another side-effect of having children is that you may not be able to drink your drink relatively after you poured it. Instead of watering it down with another ice cube, Moderna keeps your drink cold for an extended amount of time. After an hour, the iced drink and the ice cream was still cold, while the non-Moderna glass had completely melted the ice.

Comfortable grip. The handcrafted thumb grips make holding the glass comfortable in any position. I actually love the way that you have little indentations for your fingers. They fit much more comfortably in your hands.

Oven safe. I don’t bake often enough to try this out with a baked good, but I did put it in the oven for a full hour while I cooked something else. It handled a full hour very well, but after about 10 minutes you could handle the exterior of the glass while the water was smoking hot! I can foresee some great individual cakes being made.

Microwave safe. I was honestly afraid to put a glass in the microwave, that’s not really my deal. But I had to give it a try. What’s a good review without trying out their facts? I turned it on for about two minutes for it to come out the other side safely.

Freezer safe. After I conducted my little experiment with the ice cream, I didn’t actually want to eat it, at least not then. Thus, back in the freezer it went. A couple of hours later, the ice cream was frozen solid. After a little bit, you could comfortably hold the exterior and eat the ice cream.


The con:

Not dishwasher safe. According to the directions, they prefer for you not to put them in the dishwasher. I use the dishwasher as my special helper. I don’t like this at all.


The only thing that I didn’t like was that it was not dishwasher safe. I think I can deal with that for four glasses at a time. Since you can bake and prep desserts in these glasses, I think these are great for any holiday season event.

What do you think?

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Noelle’s Notables~ Mad Max: Fury Road

I’ve embarked on yet another adventure in my blogging career. I have now started my second podcast. This one is entitled Noelle’s Notables.

I am a self-proclaimed television addict and often I find my mind ends up thinking about points or questions that no one else seems to ask. This won’t be an average television or movie review podcast. I won’t be breaking down the episode in detail, but talking about specific points that I think are fascinating. They will be short, hopefully a little funny and on point.

Enjoy the first episode on Mad Max: Fury Road.

Buy or rent Mad Max: Fury Road on Amazon right now.

Links herein are affiliate links.
I may be compensated to keep this little space going, but it will not cost you anything more. 

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Dear Stephanie {Book Review}

I don’t have a lot of time to read, and when I do, I normally get through one page and fall asleep.

I will be happy to report, not only did I stay awake, I really enjoyed and when I got some free time, read through this book in virtually one weekend.

Dear Stephanie by Mandi Castle

**Links herein are affiliate links. No cost to you, but a couple of pennies to help me run my blog.** 


From Amazon:

Paige Preston wants to end her life. After an unsuccessful attempt, she lands herself in mandatory therapy with a sexy psychiatrist. When he and an even more alluring friend begin to help her break down the walls she’s spent a lifetime building, Paige begins to see something bigger than herself. Is it enough to pull her out of her dark world and help her finally feel like a human? Or will letting someone in be the final step toward her demise?

Dear Stephanie is a sinfully addictive walk through a world of beauty, affluence, and incidental love that effortlessly moves the reader between laughter, tears, heartache, and hope with the turn of every “Paige”.


My review:

Paige Preston is a suicidal women who has a wild lifestyle that could lead her down a dangerous path. Despite her untamed life, her biggest threat is her own mind. I saw myself in Paige Preston. The thoughts and the feelings were so beautifully described by Mandi Castle. Living with depression can be a whirlwind of happy and sad, self-doubt and suicidal thoughts. Wondering if you’re wanted or needed can be a daily struggle. The author captures all of those feelings with ease. She drew you completely into the story.

In the beginning, Paige is a hard to like character with her over the top confidence combined with her intelligence and self-assuredness. As the story continues, she softens and lets those around her in, which made her a much more likable person.

There were a few chapters where a major event occurred (I don’t want to ruin it) and I had to put the book down because I was crying so hard. I’m sure this is part because of my personal experience, but nonetheless, she caught each emotion with clarity.

I highly recommend Dear Stephanie for a quick and good read.

I paid for my copy of this book and just thought it was a great read to share. 

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OfferUp: An Easy App to Sell Your Stuff

Although there are a lot of positive things about Craigslist and I still use it regularly, I’ve never been much of a fan to sell my stuff. I don’t want to create one ad for each item and I know I get annoyed when the price says one thing, but it’s meant to represent the prices of over a dozen items. Then after finding the ad, you realize that what you want costs five times as much.

I pretty much stopped using it for selling because I just don’t have that kind of time. I like the idea of ebay, but I don’t like the idea of getting into shipping, which is just a pain. Since I’m not a “store”, figuring out how to get rid of my things via post office or UPS Store seems overwhelming with three kids home full time.

A couple of weeks ago, someone introduced me to an app that has made my life easier. It’s called OfferUp. Their tag line is buy. sell. simple. and it totally is. This free app has a lot of promise.


In four quick steps, you can post an ad for any of the stuff lingering around your home that you’ve wanted to get rid of for quite some time.

Step 1: Take Photo (or choose one from the gallery) and choose a Title

2015-07-28 20.40.42_zpsewrqpmjj

Step 2: Pick a category and write a description (which is optional)

2015-07-28 20.32.16_zps8w4jkqjs

Step 3: Set a price, decide how committed you are to sticking to it and the condition of the item.

2015-07-28 20.30.24_zpsspnhky6k

Step 4: Publish and share with your friends on Facebook!

2015-07-28 20.27.40_zpsjo9mbzzr

That’s it! If you have an idea of the answers to all of these, you can post in just a couple of minutes.



  • Widespread notification of your post
  • Quick posting
  • Must include a picture
  • Good responses
  • Has a messaging system just for the item
  • Will delete all messages with respect to that item once it’s sold
  • OfferUp doesn’t care if you sold it on their system or elsewhere to mark as sold
  • You can follow your favorite listers.
  • Most of all, FREE


  • I’ve had several people settle on a price, and even a time and date with no shows.
  • May be a bit too easy, you get a lot of responses who don’t follow up or completely flake
  • Hard to follow conversations. You can’t really tell who said what last on each conversation without clicking on it. When you have several people interested, it’s easy to determine who you said what to, unless you have a great memory. Since I typically do this with three children around, I don’t have the list on hand.
  • No way to post a link to all of your offerings. You can post each item to your personal Facebook page. I don’t want to bombard my friends with my junk, and since they aren’t local, they aren’t buying it anyway.

Have you heard of this app? Do you use Craigslist? Do you sell your personal stuff online?

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Workout with Armitron Women’s Watch from Kohl’s {#Giveaway}

Disclosure: AprilNoelle.com has received compensation in the form of the watches to review.
All opinions are our own.

A few months ago, I started working out with CrossFit. In doing so, I’ve become re-energized to get out of the house and do things I wouldn’t normally do, like go for walks and hikes, take bike rides around the city and much, much more. When I received the opportunity from Kohl’s to review an Armitron Women’s Watch and share it with a friend, I couldn’t refuse. Who doesn’t like working out with a friend?

Kohl's Armitron Watch Review #MakeYourMove

Not only was it perfect timing, since I was looking for an active watch. Around my birthday, I started wearing watches again. As a mom and someone who actually wears her yoga pants to yoga, I needed a watch that I could wear all day long, not just for dress-up occasions. Wait? I dress up?

So, I had been scouring online to find a watch that would fit me. Pink isn’t quite a color I would use to describe me, since I’m more into blues and blacks, but this watch seemed to go with everything. I wore it almost everywhere, but it was extremely helpful in timing workouts for myself and playtime with the kids.

All the moves I made with Kohl's Armitron Watch Review #MakeYourMove


This Armitron Women’s Watch has cool features like:

  • Calendar: day & date
  • Daily alarm
  • Hourly chime
  • 12/24-hour formats
  • Dual time
  • Chronograph: elapsed & lap time
  • Countdown timer
  • Water resistance: 100 meters

All of which was great, because I didn’t need to remove it to give my kids a bath, jump in the pool or hit the gym. This all purpose watch kept me going (and on-time) and I didn’t have to have my phone on me in these very wet places.

Definitely a must-have for an active summer.  Don’t believe me? Remember that friend that also received a watch?

Introducing Kimberly Dixon, our newest contributor to AprilNoelle.com. She will be writing posts on Fitness and Faith for now, and we’ll see where it goes from there.  Here’s her review:

I had the pleasure of being able to test the Armitron Women’s Watch. I wore it during my tennis and speed walking workouts.

First and foremost for me, was the look of the watch. The color combination I had was the pink with with black accent on the band. Most passerby’s noticed it right away and followed up with quick positive comments. It has a look that transitioned from workout, to work, to play, according to the agenda of my day.

Next, was the wear of the watch. I must admit it was very comfortable, even during the most active and sweatiest part of my workout. The fit was non-slip and stayed in place. There was no pinching or movement at all. It handled the moisture well and dried fairly quickly. The straps are soft to the touch, but are in fact very durable. All of this during a 12 hour day stretch.

The two features that I had an opportunity to try were the stop watch and the split time keeping. Both functions were easy to set and track. The element of switching functions was also effortless and easy to understand without referring to the instructions or interrupting the flow of the workout too much. The actual time keeping was very dependable and seems to have accurate tracking.

On a scale of 1 – 10 in comparison to other watches I have worn for workout specific purposes, I give this one a well-rounded 10! It works great and feels greater!

While you’re saying hi to Kim, why not enter our giveaway?

AprilNoelle.com is giving away two beautiful Armitron Watches from Kohl’s.

Kohl's Armitron His & Her Watches Review and Giveaway #MakeYourMove


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Please allow 2-4 weeks for prize fulfillment.

Find out more about Kohl’s Active Watches and Armitron Watches. Here’s more information about the Armitron Women’s Watches we wore and more information on the His and Her Watches in the giveaway.

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Just Plain Practical and Helpful Parenting Advice {Lose the Cape Review}

When I received my copy of Lose the Cape to review, I thought it was going to be another funny take on the humor of parenting.

But it wasn’t.

It was better. It was just plain practical and helpful parenting advice.

Lose the Cape logo

Bunny, Bee and Butterfly are my heart, but they are also my major stressors.

I spend my days trying to educate, motivate, feed, transport and nurture my children. In short, it’s really exhausting.

I wanted to read the book because I thought it would make me laugh. I didn’t feel so alone in the pressures of managing to be a full-time wife and mother while working to bring in an income, all while being a loving, kind and let’s not forget the Pintastic crafty mom!

Instead, I finished reading the book feeling empowered to solve some of the lingering issues in our house.

Lose the Cape Book Breakdown

The book breaks down 11 Modern Mommy Stresses and gives the reader actual and practical tips along with solutions.

In each chapter, a “stress” is presented and described. As you read, you think of your own accounts of the same stress and you can feel the dread overwhelm you, especially on those hard days.

Then, they outline a series of tips that can make that stress a little more managable, like Tip 4 in Modern Mom Stress No. 6 ~ The Spouse Factor:

Divvy up the work, including the “INVISIBLE task list”!
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I’d like to think that I’m really good at this… except that invisible, ever growing task list that I never really tell to anyone else, but somehow I expect that I (and they) will accomplish.

Not to say I never thought about this, I was confronted with the solution, a real solution, that maybe, just maybe if I did would make my life a little easier. I determined that I actually tell my husband that I need his help on these things ~ all of these things.

My Favorite Chapter

My favorite chapter was Modern Mom Stress No. 11: Finding “Me” Time. I don’t find “me” time. To clarify, I’m learning to find “me” time. I’m trying to have a little bit of me back in my life, my marriage and my motherhood. Where do I find myself though?

Tip 1: Make a “happy” list.

Really? I don’t even know anymore. I haven’t done things that made “me” happy in so long.

I would love to play volleyball, but how do I find at least five other people who want to play between 9-10 p.m.?

I try to read, but I find myself falling asleep. I try to

I would love to get a massage, but those cost money.

I’m in search for “me” and making time is essential, regardless of whether I know who “me” is anymore.

Lose the Cape made me laugh about my experiences, reconsider how I manage my household and think about thing that would make my life easier.

Lose the Cape is a necessary read for any mom.

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BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor {Review}

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

I’ve never owned a heart rate monitor before. As I am I trying to lose weight, my doctor recommended that I get my heart rate within the targeted range, also known as the “fat burning zone” for at least 10 minutes a day, every day. I’ve seen the heart rate monitor on the machines in the gym, but hadn’t done much research into ones that you take home.

When I had the opportunity to review a BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor, I couldn’t be more elated. I needed this.

After cracking it open, I had to figure out what my target heart rate zone.

Heart Rate
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Goal: check.

Putting on the BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor wasn’t difficult.  I put it over my head, slid it down and adjusted it right under my bra. I placed the sensors against my skin and attached the little box. Because I was already moving from cleaning up after my girls, I didn’t need to add water to the sensors.

Wear: check. 

I did not have any problem with it syncing to my Samsung Galaxy S4. However, I wish it explained what apps it worked with before it talked about automatically syncing. My phone recognized the device immediately, but I had to keep reading to figure out how to use it. I didn’t have any of the compatible apps, so I chose MapMyRun.

Source: BeetsBLU
Google Play Apps Source: BeetsBLU

As soon as I downloaded the app, MapMyRun synced with BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor.

Sync: check.

I was quickly able to determine my heart rate. I went for my first run, and was able to track my heart rate with the app throughout the run.

Exercise: check.

I have had the monitor for a week and have not had any issues.

Get yours today!

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