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I know you’ve heard it – “FIND YOUR WHY and you can accomplish anything!”

I’m not going to say finding your WHY isn’t powerful, it truly is. Your why is your driving force.


Your why may not be strong enough to push through your “what”.

What are you doing to make that money?

I’ve tried several side hustles using my “why”… and I fell flat. I never made much more money (if any) than what I put in.

I wanted to love the products, I did. I would spend tons of time and effort memorizing scripts and perfecting strategies for dominating the market.

Sounds good, right?

I worked hard, I followed the plan, and I failed over and over again.

Ultimately, I realized that I wasn’t passionate about it. I liked and used the product, but I also knew that there were other cheaper products. I knew that because I am cheap frugal and I knew if I wasn’t selling this product, I’d opt for something cheaper.

Now that I’m in real estate, I have passion. I have love for what I do. I am growing and making more now than I ever did with the other ventures.

So, I just wanted to send a reminder that sometimes it’s not your why, but what you’re doing that may limit your success.

Find your WHY, then find your WHAT!

I know yo