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Better Late than Never with #AskAwayFriday

Here is my VERY late #AskAwayFriday post. Weekend before last, we went out of town for a whirlwind trip to California. Details to come. But we were so busy and almost every minute was planned. I thought I’d be able to come back and get in the groove, but Butterfly’s schedule was so far off...


A Day in My Life ~ #AAF with Jenessa {Mothering in Real Life}

A couple of weeks have passed since my last #AskAwayFriday. This school year has been great for my son, but taxing on me. My son is now in school 2-3 days a week from 8:45 to 5:00. He’s in a several clubs after school, so I have the two LOs all day. Having my son...


Travel is on My Mind

I think something’s in the water… or the humid Floridian air. Both my daughters have been out of their element. Bee has become clingy, holding on for dear life ~ to my arm, leg or any seemingly available body part. She has a new found fear of, well, everything. Her screams are deafening and the...


#AskAwayFriday {TV Edition}

Now I understand why parents are so ready for their kids to go back to school in the fall. As much as I love my children, they love to torment each other, which drives me INSANE! One pushes the other’s buttons and the other reciprocates. I love the good times, when they are playing together,...


Getting it All Done with Some Motivation

Happy Friday (or Thursday night for some)! I hope you had a wonderful week. I did, but it was SO busy. I had my little sister and by little, I mean my son’s age, this week and I’m completely exhausted from having a household full time of four children! How do women do this? I’m...


Memorial Day Traditions without a Campout Sing-a-Long

I’m loving to watch my little girls grow, but that also means that my little girls are becoming more and more of a handful. As Bee is very mobile and can be helpful, Butterfly is trying to move ~ possibly crawling in the near future. Bee wants to spend every day with “friends” and if...