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Brave |


I’ve been ruminating on this word, BRAVE, for weeks as I’ve deemed it my “Word of the Year”. As simple as it is, my chosen word of the year has a lot of implications and requirements. Unlike a previous choice, the word brave means “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”. Merriam-Webster...

Meet the Right People at Networking Events |

Who You SHOULD Meet While Networking

It’s almost five o’clock and you signed up to go to a networking event that starts at six. What you really want to do is to go home, eat and go to sleep or take care of the millions of things elsewhere. But… You promised yourself you’d grow your business. It’s been stagnant for a...

Top Ten List |

The Only Top Ten List You’ll Ever Need

Have you gone to networking event after networking event, followed up with each person, only to NOT receive any business out of the process?  I have. Have you been in the cycle for a while wondering what’s the point of networking?  I’ve done that too. I know I’ve questioned why isn’t this working? Why am...

Your Network Is... | Networking Isn't an Event |

Networking isn’t an Event

True networking isn’t an event. It’s a call, a coffee, a drink. Networking is building a relationship with the other person. It’s getting them to trust you and you to trust them.   I get frustrated when I hear people, especially entrepreneurs, say that they don’t get anything out of networking events.  If this is...

Run Your World |

Sometimes It’s Not Your “Why”, It’s Your “What”

Podcast episode at the bottom of this post. This is not a transcript, this is a synopsis. I know you’ve heard it – “FIND YOUR WHY and you can accomplish anything!” I’m not going to say finding your WHY isn’t powerful, it truly is. Your why is your driving force. But… Your why may not...

Graduation Invitations |

It’s Not Too Late to Order Your Invitations for Graduation!

This is an advertisement for Basic Invite but all opinions are mine. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the school year already. Graduation season has arrived! I can’t wait to see all of my loved ones get promoted or graduate this 2018 year! What is even more exciting is creating the perfect graduation...

National Money Smart Week |

National Money Smart Week(R) Campaign to Offer Free Financial Education

Thousands of free financial education classes and seminars for consumers will be held throughout the U.S. during Money Smart Week, April 22-29. Free Financial Education Classes are open to people of all ages at businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, community organizations and government agencies throughout the country. They cover a wide variety of money-management topics...

Top 10 Finds from ShiftCon |

You Need These Top 10 Finds from #ShiftCon

The following post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. In December, I went to my first blogging conference. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I was going to navigate it. Really, I was scared of the commitment and whether I was going to take this blogging thing seriously. I volunteered for...

All New Amazon #PrimePhotos Features! {+Win a $500GC} #Ad

All New Amazon #PrimePhotos Features! {+Win a $500GC} #Ad is providing the gift card prizes. Please read on for giveaway details. I would have to say that I was hesitant to get Amazon Prime, so less than a year ago, I sent out a Facebook question: Responses to this post really got me thinking and I joined shortly after. Amazon Prime Photos At the...

Keeping in the Sun with #GlassesUSA | | #ad

Keeping in the Sun this Winter with @GlassesUSA

**This conversation is sponsored by GlassesUSA. All opinions are my own.** Summer is over. And in Florida, a real winter is never coming. Since moving here, I have noticed how much I miss seasons. Let’s be real, Southern California doesn’t exactly scream four seasons. Yet, I lived through several cold winters, including one that was...