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The Many Keys of Baby Raising

Seems every parent knows that having a child means that you have an automatic magnet for your keys. My daughter loves my keys, digging in my purse to get them (or my wallet, both signalling my future as a mother of Ms. B). Well, last week, I was out with the wonderful Ms. B. As...


Sixteen Pounds Eleven and a Half Ounces

I’m pleased to report that Ms. is back into the 25th percentile! The background story is here. Yay! At first weekly, now monthly, I go to the doctor just to get her weighed. I need to make sure that she’s a-okay. At one point she was as low as the 5th percentile. I’m happy that...


10 Day Challenge: Seven Wants

As I cruise the internet through other blogs, I’m finding some open ended questions. I realize that I don’t really share a lot about myself on this blog, although I’d like to, so I’ll be doing more question and responses on here. I’m coming in a bit in the middle of this challenge, and maybe...