Graduation Invitations |

It’s Not Too Late to Order Your Invitations for Graduation!

This is an advertisement for Basic Invite but all opinions are mine.

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the school year already. Graduation season has arrived! I can’t wait to see all of my loved ones get promoted or graduate this 2018 year!

What is even more exciting is creating the perfect graduation announcement invitation. I love to design my own thing and Basic Invite makes it even easier.

What makes Basic Invite different?

Graduation Invitations | AprilNoelle.comAlmost Unlimited Colors

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. This is what we feel sets us apart from almost any other online stationery company and is what we feel is our biggest draw.

Custom Samples

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation so they can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before they ever have to place their final order.

Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes

Basic Invite is just as colorful with our envelopes as we are with our invitations. Customers can choose from over 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes so that they can make their invitation stand out even before it is opened. All of our envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed.

Address Capturing Service

Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders.


Foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. Customers can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs.

Don’t Forget the Thank You Card!

I am pretty good at remembering to send out timely thank you cards and graduations are no exception. Get your thank you graduation card from Basic Invite too so that it can be just as beautiful as the invitation!


Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51



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Giving Back to the Community |

5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Give Back to the Community

Volunteering and giving back to the community is very important to me. I am very active with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women and the Women’s Foundation. I believe in teaching my children to volunteer as well. Whenever they can tag along, they do.

Teaching your children about the importance of giving back from an early age can help them grow into compassionate and virtuous adults. Your kids will also likely be more grateful of the things that they have and won’t take their good fortunes for granted when they do charity work. Here are some great ways that you and your children can work together to give back to the community.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchens serve meals to homeless people and other low-income individuals during the holidays and sometimes year-round. Some soup kitchens in your area may allow children to volunteer to serve hot meals to other people who are in need. If you have young children, they still may be able to help by handing out plates, napkins and other eating utensils.


Join a Trash Cleanup Crew

Churches, businesses and other organizations often organize trash cleanup crews and are always happy to accept new volunteers. You and your children will pick up trash that’s left along freeways, beaches and other public spaces in your community. In addition to making your local area more beautiful, removing trash can prevent certain health and fire hazards. Picking up trash can help wildlife creatures avoid certain dangers as well. The group that you join will probably supply trash bags, gloves and other essential items to pick up trash safely. However, you might also be asked to furnish some of your own items.

Restore Homes

Give back to the community by restoring it. This volunteer opportunity is generally best suited for older kids who are approaching or already in their teenage years. There may be homes in your community that have been ravaged by natural disasters or affected by old age or neglect. Restoring these homes increases housing options for low-income families and helps to combat the problem of homelessness. You can volunteer for an organization like the one managed by notable philanthropist Neill Sullivan Oakland community members have come to respect. Depending on the age of your children, they may or may not be allowed to use power and cutting tools on construction sites.

Plant Trees

Planting new trees around your area can be good for both your family and the planet. New trees can produce cleaner air and help filter out air pollution. More trees in your neighborhood may even help prevent flooding and mudslides. When you volunteer with an organization, you and your kids can lend a hand by planting small saplings that will eventually grow into tall trees. You can also help care for these saplings as they grow so that they survive through their most vulnerable stages.

Care for Animals

Animal shelters always need volunteers to assist with the care of rescued animals. You might find a shelter in your area that happily welcomes children and provides training to be the most helpful. From brushing and feeding cats and dogs to playing with the animals, your children could be assigned a variety of tasks that are both fun and fulfilling. In addition direct care, you and your children can raise funds and donate the proceeds to an animal charity.

Volunteering together with your kids can be highly beneficial for your community and will allow your children to develop new skills. You should have no trouble finding organizations in your area that are always eager to welcome new people .

Do you volunteer or give back to your community? What other options do you suggest?

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Legacy 2018 |

Building a Legacy in 2018

Every year, I set goals…and goals… and goals.

This year, I had to ask myself a question. The question is the one that you have to ask yourself whenever you begin a new venture, a new business, a new anything really.

If you speak to any business coach, the question is simple: Why?

Why do I have a blog? Why do I set all of these goals?

Legacy |

My Family

I knew my Why was my family. But that never seemed to be enough. My family was not enough motivation to get me finish a lot of my goals. Why? (Ah, that pesky question pops up again.) Because I do things EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. for my family.

When I quit my job six years ago, I did it for my family. I cook dinner (and god, I hate cooking) for my family. My sleeping is broken and limited so that I can tend to whatever happens in the middle of the night for my family.

Quite frankly, I was all familied out. I didn’t want to do another thing for my family. I already did everything for them.

After being this tired and drained, there weren’t enough baths or manicures in the world could give me the self-care I needed to complete more for them.

My Real Why

Planner 2018 Goal Setting Gratitude
BUY NOW on Amazon: Planner 2018: Professional long-term planner for Passion, Goal Setting, Happiness, and Gratitude for 2018

After much deliberation, consideration, and meditation, I realized that my ultimate why wasn’t just my family, it was building something for them. I want to give them something beyond my love and support.

I know, as a mom, my family should be enough. But after spending so much time dedicated to them, I needed something for me. I want to create a legacy and our name to live beyond me. I want to leave a legacy for my children and my children’s children.

My Word for 2018


All of my goals this year are focused on creating this legacy. They are bigger, brighter and completely attainable. I’m going to push myself harder than I have in a long time.

But most of all, I know I can do it.

So here are just a few goals that I have for this year:

  • Write a book (already started!)
  • Get a paid speaking gig
  • Become a political force in real estate
  • Be a kick-ass Realtor
  • Achieve a total body makeover

Those are just a few. What are yours?

I would love you forever if you would help me in building my legacy. I can help anyone in the state of Florida buy or sell a home, but I live in the Southeast Florida area.

Here’s my info:
April Grant, MRP, GBA
If you’re thinking about selling, get your FREE Home Valuation HERE:
Website: Keller Williams Preferred Properties
Fix Your Credit NOW:
Phone: 310.849.3708

Military Relocation Professional (MRP)
Global Business Association Member (GBA)


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Amazon Fire TV | Prime Photos |

Play a Slideshow on the Amazon Fire TV, Just Ask Alexa (Plus a $500 Giveaway!) #Ad

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post.

Have you ever had this happen?

“Mom, remember when we went to that place where the water squirted at us?”

“No,” I responded.

“Remember there was a pool and a slide and a little pool and water that squirted up?”

“Oh, yes, that place.”

I searched through pictures on my phone to find that place from last summer. The three of us crowded around my small handheld smartphone, looking at pictures. Then, the fighting ensued.

“I can’t see!”

“Your head’s in the way!”

“Your hair’s in the way!”

“Can you please scoot over?”

Prime Photos

So when I had the opportunity to try out Amazon Fire TV, I was excited. As an Amazon Prime member, I already had Prime Photos which keeps my photos right at my fingertips, across all of my devices. I was able to free up space on my phone when I stored my photos online with the Prime Photos App. Prime Photos includes unlimited photo storage as a  Prime member, and 5 GB digital storage for videos and files for all customers.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

The Alexa Voice Remote now supports Prime Photos commands on your Amazon Fire TV, just ask Alexa! Amazon customers can view and search for their photos and photo albums with the Alexa Voice Remote and the Prime Photos app on their Amazon Fire TV.  Prime members can also search for people, places, and things, with phrases like, “show photos of flowers,” “show photos of California,” or “show photos of April.”

In Our Home

Now there’s no crowding around a small phone or even our computer, making sure that every person has a good view. Sitting comfortably on the couch, we can play the slideshow of last summer, with the photos of “water squirting up”, and enjoy as a family. We can even include my son and husband! **Smile**. All we have to do is press the microphone button and say, “Show my photos from last summer… Play a slideshow.”

Great Addition to Prime Photos

This is a great addition to what you can already do with Prime Photos on your Amazon Fire TV. Check out more ways to use the Prime Photos Fire TV app, hint: you can even change your screensaver. Prime Photos includes unlimited photo storage as a  Prime member, and 5 GB digital storage for videos and files for all customers. Now, you can relax on your living room couch and flip through your photos and personal videos on the biggest screen in your home using your Alexa Voice Remote.

Enter for a chance to win a $500 Gift Card, or one of five $100 Gift Cards. See terms and conditions here.” 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Amazon, Prime Photos, Fire, Amazon Fire TV and the associated logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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Hurricane Irma and Other Natural Disasters

Hurricane Irma came through late last week. We’re still working to get our lives back to “normal”. Our family was in the dark until late last night. Fortunately, we have light! And cable! And internet! But, Hurricane Irma wasn’t my first natural disaster.


Northridge Quake

The first was the Northridge quake. I was on the periphery, 30 miles from the epicenter.


I was sleeping (quite heavily in those days). My top bunk started shaking. I thought it was my little sister. She would regularly push on my bed to wake me up. This time, it was way too early. “Leave me alone,” I said as I rolled back over. The bed started shaking harder, more violently. “Go back to bed,” I shouted this time. But she didn’t. Worst of all, I didn’t hear her voice. No plea to come down and help her. I jolted up, realizing that it wasn’t her, it was an earthquake.

I jumped off my bunk and went into the living room. Things were still shaking, and by then my dad was awake too. We braced the furniture as we could (the rolls were not that strong, and NO that’s not what we were trained to do in an earthquake).

Then it stopped. It all stopped. It was over. We had no lasting damage, no power outages, and besides being a bit shaken, we went about our lives. No one we knew was affected and quite frankly, it was a different time.

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Irma was not my first hurricane either. I had the unfortunate timing of visiting my in-laws when Hurricane Wilma hit in 2005. I was scared, especially for my one-year-old son who I was expected to keep safe. The area wasn’t under mandatory evacuation orders, but as with Irma, suggested that you should leave.

Thirteen years ago, everyone wasn’t on Facebook, there were no pleas or calls out. And even if there were, my network was in California, where I was born and raised.

This two week visit was supposed to be simple and quiet – my son spending time with his grandparents. Instead, we sat through a day long hurricane, several days without power, undrinkable water, and a low supply of food.

We had to be careful outside because a record number of utility poles broke and FPL did not have enough in reserve to replace them without help. Schools were closed due to the power outage and flooding. Worst of all, you couldn’t go anywhere because there was no power at gas stations, meaning if you had some place to go, it wasn’t likely you could refill your tank to get back home.

It was miserable… and hot… and humid. We couldn’t go anywhere we couldn’t walk. Because it was hot and humid, that wasn’t far.


Hurricane Matthew

Last year, I had pleasure of experiencing what we thought would be our first hurricane as a family. I was a full-fledged adult, in my own house with my own family. This time, all decisions were mine. Well, mine and my husband’s. They were ours. The good and the bad.

We were nervous, but after having NOAA on refresh, we realized that it wasn’t likely to hit us. No mass evacuation orders, no decisions to be made. We purchased D batteries and a case of water. Even in the mildest of storms,flying debris could pierce a window, so we put up shutters. 

A few people left town because they could.  The majority sat back and watched, or more accurately slept. Matthew’s winds hit us in the middle of the night. We woke to full power, a few people were without for some time. Otherwise, we were safe. We had gas. We had electricity. The kids were out of school for a day or two.


Hurricane Irma

This time, I felt fear. This time, I had to make decisions that could have a long term impact on our lives. The Keys were under evacuation orders. Parts of the east AND west coasts were in evacuation zones.

I posted on Facebook: “Leaving or Staying?”. The majority of friends and family responded that they were staying. That brought some comfort.

Then people pumped gas like they were never going to get some again. Gas became scarce in the week leading up to the hurricane. Lines down the block with people filling up gas tanks and extra canisters.

Florida is long and thin. There are three main roads out: I-95, Florida Turnpike and I-75. Florida is home to 20 MILLION people. Three roads does not an easy journey make. On Thursday,  two full days before Irma came, boasted that it only took 8 hours to travel a distance that normally takes a mere 2 and a half.

Remember that gas shortage that I mentioned? We weren’t going anywhere. Jeff put up the shutters. I started filling up bags of water to freeze in case of a power outage. Jeff searched for cases or a really just a case for reserve. I purchased D batteries (again) and glow sticks. Glow sticks helped us navigate the home in pure darkness and illuminate the bathroom considering there are no windows therein.

Then we buckled down.

We waited, we listened, we lost power, we brought out the board games. Then we went to sleep.

We woke up, waiting for things to end. We had plenty to eat:  snacks, dinner foods, etc.

Then Irma stopped. We walked out to assess the damage. Besides not having to hire someone to trim our tree, things seemed perfect, no damage. We opened the garage. It seemed fine, until we wanted to close it. Then, it kinda fell apart. Our garage was our only major damage.

We were without power for four days. Friends and family offered help and their homes. We are back home, but I’m glad this one is all over.


But hurricane season is not.See you in December!


Finish the Sentence Friday

This post didn’t go the way I thought… that said, it’s a part of this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday! “When a natural disaster hits…” Link up and share your post, read the others and have a non-hurricane riddled weekend.

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Always Discreet | Best Bladder Leak Products |

Best Bladder Help for Women when You Need it Most #ad

This article is brought to you by my partnership with Always Discreet. Please enjoy!

A year ago, I cheered that I had a bladder of steel. I would listen to friends and family discreetly discuss their incontinence issues and I would have an air of superiority that I did not experience bladder leaks. Then, we threw a party for Bee. Our home parties always include the kids’ favorite: a bounce house. Our fun house provider drops off the house the night before and picks it up the day after. Lucky us! We always get our money’s worth. We jump before and after the party. That’s when mom tries to show off her “skills”. But this time, I got a little more than expected.

A little leak. Just a little.

I quickly jumped out of the bounce house and had a slight costume change. For the first time, I got it. I understood the stories of those friends, who complain they can’t run or jump because of bladder leaks. I found out that it happens more often than I thought and I’m not alone. When I had the opportunity to spread the word about how common bladder leaks are and that the best bladder help is here, I jumped (pun intended). It’s not something to be embarrassed by or a topic to avoid. I ran out to get my first pack of protection. Since Always is my feminine brand line, I had a company that I could already rely on for the personal times. I chose Always Discreet liners for very light protection.

To protect my clothes, and my dignity, I decided to give the liners a try. I was happily impressed that even with the additional absorption, I was not self-conscious about wearing them. As I comfortably put on a liner to work out, jump rope or get into the bouncy house with my children, I am prepared for any bladder leakage. I was confident that I would not soil my clothes. (Man, I sound old-timey.) I knew I could jump and exercise without anyone knowing that I was incontinent.  I was happy to be able to play with my children, no matter the activity with the use of the Always Discreet liners.

Always Discreet product benefits:

  • Absorbency – Always Discreet has RapidDry technology that turns liquid to gel, so that Always Discreet pads can absorb 4X more than Always Ultra period pads of similar size. Always Discreet liners absorb 2X more than the leading menstrual liner.
  • Leak Guard protection – While menstrual pads have wings, Always Discreet pads have full-length Double LeakGuards™ that help stop leaks at the legs where they happen most.
  • Odor Protection – Always Discreet’s OdorLock™ technology helps trap and neutralize the odors specific to urine. That’s something menstrual pads don’t have.
  • Thinness – Always Discreet pads are up to 45% thinner than the leading incontinence brand.
  • Comfort – Always Discreet underwear has a 360 FormFit™ design with a contoured core that hugs your curves for a smooth, comfortable fit, unlike bulky adult diapers.

Always Discreet is a better choice for bladder leaks than period pads.

Did you know 1-in-3 women have bladder leaks? Or that 1-in-2 African American women 18yrs+ experience bladder leaks but only 1-in-9 use incontinence protection? Always Discreet has liners, pads, and bladder leak underwear made specifically for light to heavy bladder leaks that will protect you in a way period pads can’t. With three options to choose from, you can choose the right level of protection for you:

Always Discreet | Best Bladder Help | AprilNoelle.comAlways Discreet Incontinence Liners:

  • Absorbency level: Light bladder leaks
  • Absorb 2x more than the leading period liner
  • RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection

Always Discreet Incontinence Pads:

  • Absorbency level: Moderate to heavy bladder leaks
  • Absorb 4x more than period pads of a similar size
  • RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection
  • Double LeakGuards™ barriers
  • 45 percent thinner than the leading incontinence brand

Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear:

  • Absorbency level: Heavy bladder leaks
  • RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection
  • Double LeakGuards™ barriers
  • 360 FormFit™ design

Find out more about Urinary Incontinence:

Get the best bladder help today: Coupons & Offers

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Always Discreet. The opinions and text are all mine.

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6 FREE Ways to Entertain Your Children this Summer in West Palm Beach

Happy 4th of July!


Half way through the summer and moms are already ready to send their kids back to school. If you don’t send your children to an all-day summer camp, you can quickly find it’s difficult to keep them occupied and still offer variety, every day, for an entire summer. Last year, I gave you an all-inclusive activity list, but as the cost of camps rise, here are a few things you can do to keep a cap on that budget and still have a great time with your children! Here are six FREE ways to entertain your children this summer.

FREE (and Cheap) Ways to Entertain Your Children this Summer

Public Venues

Barracuda Bay

A local water park less than 3 miles from the very expensive Rapids park, Barracuda Bay has a swimming pool, splash area and two large water slides for $3 for Riviera Beach residents and only $4 for everyone else. Please check the website for openings.

For more information, click HERE!


City Programs

The city is bountiful in programs ranging from swim classes and sports classes to an all day sports camp. Check out the following links to see what programs are happening in your city or town.

6 FREE Ways to Entertain Your Children this Summer | AprilNoelle.comPeanut Island Park

A easy, FREE trip with the kids, Peanut Island Park is a local park with EVERYTHING! Boat dock, fishing, swimming, camping, fire ring, observation deck, and more!

For more information, click HERE!

Splash Pads

Get out of the hot sun and cool down with these cool and FREE spots!


Private Venues




At just $1 per person, this location is a steal! The kids play with Legos and you help or watch, the children can play all day. They even provide a snack room, so you can bring your own snacks for the kids.

For more information, click HERE!






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Step Into Spring: Essential “To Do’s” for Your Family

In the start of the spring season, our bodies are transitioning from the cold weather to a warmer climate. The reason behind this is that the air pressure is changing and our body system had now adjusted to the harsh cold that was recently upon us. Many people experience flu and coughs as the readings drop on the barometer. On the other hand, when the temperature rises, weather-sensitive people experience migraines, joint aches and back aches.

Saving yourself from getting sick can be a troublesome task and an even more concerning thing is when you have a family to look for. Changing weather, especially the shifting from cold temperatures to warmer seasons can leave a lot of people vulnerable. With the increasing warmth and high humidity levels, it becomes easier for bacteria to travel through the air, increasing your chances of contracting airborne illnesses. The kids go to school and interact with other children, where they may get a viral disease or you can get any bacterial infection in an office or a store. There are multiple precautions that you can take to make your spring better, happier and healthier.


Stepping Into Spring: Essential "To Do's" for your Family |
Thanks to Army Medicine (photo)



Although your skin is the most delicate part of your body during the winter, it can also be fragile in spring. To care for your skin during spring weather, you would need to swap a few products with things that are intentioned to work better in hotter weather. Lotions should be replaced with a light moisturizer, as lotions can make your skin too oily in warm weather.

Moreover, increase the number of times you bathe or shower in the week. This will help you ward off any dead skin cells, stay refreshed and also prevent you from having bad body odor. Protection from the sun also becomes necessary so use sunscreen as often as possible before going out in the day. Implement this not only on yourself but on your kids and your partner.

 Taking Care of Your Surroundings:

Keeping your house clean is also a part of your mission to stay fit and healthy. Hygienic surroundings don’t mean that you turn tidiness into an obsession and not rest until everything is squeaky clean. However, it does mean that a few things would require a little more attention and now need to be cleaned more often than they used to be in colder weather. Gutters and drains should be your top priority when you intend on taking on house cleaning responsibilities. This ensures that the rainwater stays away from inside your house during those long spring rains. Similarly, with the air conditioner and/or heater, you must make sure that it is working properly and the machine is not malfunctioning. Some of these systems are essential in spring cleaning and you cannot have a clean space without these working machines.

Keeping Hydrated:

There are multiple options for you to stay hydrated and take in enough liquids for the day, but not all of them are healthy. There are sodas, iced tea and juices that are used in place of water. However, that must not be your only source of liquid. Instead, keep a water bottle with you to avoid the temptation of buying anything unhealthy. Have your kids take water bottles with them as well or suggest them that they drink the water from the drinking fountain instead of buying soda cans at school.

Physical Health:

During the winter season, you are usually confined to indoor spaces and outdoor physical activities are limited. As the weather changes, it is a lot more favorable to have outdoor games and exercises can also transition from gym routines to morning walks, jogging and other outdoor exercises. This is the perfect way to stay healthy in spring and also work on your summer body goals. It is always wise to wear proper shoes, clothes and if you are using any equipment to carry out your exercise routines, then make sure that they are safe to use.


Spring can be a fun time for anyone yet caution is always necessary and it is better to adopt safety measures that can help you in leading a better lifestyle. The aforementioned things are meant to keep you safe in the changing climate. It can provide you a smooth transition for your body, making it competent enough to adapt to the changes that the weather is going through without overexerting yourself and damaging your health.


Guest post written by Zyana Morris

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Women's Foundation of the Palm Beaches | GLI/STEM |

Calling all STEM Lovers and Girl Empowerment Supporters (GLI/STEM Academy)

I love to volunteer. Thankfully, over the last five years, I’ve had the ability to do a lot of it. One of my passions is educating girls in STEAM fields: science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Even though I don’t actually work in any of those fields, I feel like I had given up on it early. My grades stayed at As and Bs throughout high school and in college (except one class) in those fields. I didn’t consider it a possibility because I didn’t know anyone else going into it. I wanted friendship and comradery and I just didn’t see it in those fields.

How I wish I made a different choice. How I wish I followed some of those passions instead of what was expected of me. What I can do is help the next generation understand that they aren’t pigeonholed into one field and they can do more than they ever dreamed.

One of the organizations that I work with regularly is the WFPBC.

The Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County

The Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County (WFPBC) will host our 8th Annual Girls Leadership Institute & STEM Academy (GLI/STEM) twice in 2017.  The first program will be held on May 20, 2017 at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens. An additional program day will be held in September at the Palm Beach State College campus in Belle Glade (Date TBD).


The free and interactive programs provide training and support for underserved girls in PBC.  The program is aimed at developing middle and high school girls’ leadership skills and passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  We will provide this program for 300 girls in 2017 with your help.

The WFPBC is looking for companies in the STEM fields to participate in the two 2017 programs in a number of different ways. If you can help us by volunteering in one or all of the ways below or even connecting us with a company or local STEM professional you know, we’d greatly appreciate the support.


We invite companies and organizations to set up a table during breakfast to provide information about the work you do.  We also ask that you have someone at the table to answer questions and speak with participants.

STEM Project Workshops

We are looking for volunteers to lead workshops. Each will guide a group of girls through a STEM-based project.  Some examples include building a bridge from food products or building a robot or designing a website.  The student groups will work with the project leaders from your company.

Women in STEM Careers Lunch Program

We are looking for women who are currently working in a STEM career to share their experience and passion with participants during the lunch hour as part of a “speed mentoring” program.  


STEM Follow-Up Field Trips

We are identifying local STEM activities where girls and their parents can come as a follow-up field trip in PBC.  Maybe your company can arrange a tour of your facility or you are a nature preserve or a museum with special STEM exhibits.


After-School Programs & Internships

We are identifying after-school STEM programs where girls can receive continuing enrichment and we also want to share STEM internship programs with the girls. 


Please complete this short online form to share your interest in participating in the 2017 Girls Leadership Institute & STEM Academy.  You can learn more about WFPBC on our website  If you have any further questions please contact 561-206-2319 or email


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The Year Without A Word |

The Year Without a Word

I’ve done it all, lengthy goal lists, SMART goal lists, and last year, I chose a word. We are a month and a half into the year and quite frankly, I can’t come up with a word. Therefore, I’m choosing to go a year without a word.

I love to create goals and attain them. I love to be able to use a checklist. Most of all, I love to feel accomplished.

The Year Without A Word | AprilNoelle.comSince becoming a stay at home mom, accomplishment comes far and few between. Even if I can get a project completed, it’s quickly replaced with a new one.

There are no accolades or meetings called because you managed to clean the house from top to bottom in one day. Worse yet, normally the response from the family often seems to be “great, there are some clean surfaces that I can dirty”.

The worse part of being a SAHM was the constant feeling like I had to justify my time. I had to do more than being their mother because watching my children for the day wasn’t enough.

Honestly, some of this was personal shame. I didn’t feel nearly as important as a mom.

But what didn’t make it easier was other mothers inquiring into why I wanted to be a SAHM (family and friends included):

  • “Don’t you feel like your wasting your degree?”
  • “Aren’t you bored?”
  • “Don’t you want to show your daughters an example of a strong woman?”
  • “What do you do all day?”

It took me some time to realize that my answers are, and should have always been:



I am.

Take care of my children.

I always felt like I needed to justify my SAHM-hood and just being their mom was not enough.

The truth, though, I was enough and I still am.

Funny, now that my kids are in school, I’m trying to learn how to slow down. I feel like I’m running in circles trying to keep up appearances, to keep busy.

I also, don’t want the pressure to do or be anything.

So, this year, I don’t have a word, no specific goals (except to actually lose this f**g weight) and to learn what it is to be a mother and wife without losing myself.

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#GoBootler #ad |

Skip the Kitchen! Food Delivery at the Best Price Using #GoBootler #ad

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

It’s Thursday night. After a long day, which only ends after ballet class, basketball practice, and tutoring, you walk into a quiet and calm house. Too calm, in fact. And you realize something’s off, really off.

Then, you realize what it is! Dinner is NOT cooking. No one else is supposed to be cooking,

Dinner is NOT cooking. You were responsible for dinner and you completely forgot to prepare. Everything in the house is frozen and it would take you no less than two hours to make it… and you don’t want Chinese, again.

So, where do you go? What do you do?

Go Bootler!

With Bootler, you can choose from Chicken Marsala, Carne Asada Burrito, and Coal Fire Pizza Delivery.

#GoBootler #ad | AprilNoelle.comNow serving Chicago, Bootler is a search engine that allows users to pick a restaurant, availability and time and returns with delivery options. Their system aggregates local delivery services to save you time and money (like does with flights).

Facts about Bootler:

  • 6 different delivery partners and growing
  • You can order both food and alcohol from our site. Alcohol comes from a delivery service called ‘Saucey.’
  • Currently only Chicago-based but expanding to NY by the end of the year and more major cities soon after
  • 100,000 visitors per month
  • 2,000 people daily ordering from our service
  • Launching a mobile app in September
 Are you ready to GoBootler?
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Top 10 Finds from ShiftCon |

You Need These Top 10 Finds from #ShiftCon

The following post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

In December, I went to my first blogging conference. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I was going to navigate it. Really, I was scared of the commitment and whether I was going to take this blogging thing seriously. I volunteered for Shiftcon early on 2016 to make sure I couldn’t find a reason not to go.

Top 10 Finds from Shiftcon

ShiftCon is an eco-wellness influencer conference focusing on food, wellness, health, sustainability, and platform growth. If you didn’t know, I started blogging because I was a Beachbody rep. Now, several years later, I’m no longer a rep, but I’m still blogging. So I thought ShiftCon would be a great fit for me.
I’ll go over all of the reasons why I loved ShiftCon tomorrow, but today, I’m going to tell you about all of the wonderful goodies I received as an attendee.

10. Chili Lime Cherries by Stoneridge Orchards

Top 10 Finds at ShiftCon | A deliciously sweet, tart and spicy snack, the best things in life. These no fat, all-natural Montmorency Cherries are seasons with Tajin, which is just divine to suit a variety of taste buds.

9. Hemp Heart Bites by Manitoba Harvest

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. The squares looked dry. But once I tasted them, I had to double check the serving size to make sure I didn’t eat the whole bag in one sitting. With 10 grams of Omega 3&6 and 10 grams of protein per serving, These satisfy my sweet tooth AND my daily protein requirement.

8. Goddess Garden Sunscreen Stick

At #ShiftCon we learned so much about the benefits of utilizing sunscreen, including how increasing the SPF doesn’t necessarily mean better for you. The added protection (and often the white residue) is because of unnecessary and unnatural additives. That’s not what I want, especially since I live in a state where the sun shines most of the time.

7. Monkfruit Sweetener by Lakanto

The sweetener wars are intense, but I have found one that tops all others. Monkfruit Sweetener is a little sweeter than sugar, but has ZERO additives, ZERO Glycemic value, ZERO aftertaste and is a 1:1 sugar replacement. Use in place of sugar everywhere without spiking your insulin.

6. Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

Molly’s mom, the owner of Molly’s Suds, and I had a great conversation which quickly drifted into fabric softener. I stopped using fabric softener last year and it was a great decision for my clothes! They are no longer dingy and I use a lot less bleach. Most store-bought fabric softeners actually coat your clothes in a very thin layer of plastic, which makes them harder to wash and repellent to bleach. Once I had washed my clothes a few times, there was a noticeable difference in the softness and the amount of bleach that I used. After learning so much, I have to say, the Laundry Powder works just as well as my other detergent, without harsh chemicals and all-natural ingredients.

5. Coffee Cacao Power Snacks by Navitas

Need an afternoon pick-me-up and a snack? This superfood combination gives you a great bang for your caloric buck. Try it out and see for yourself.

4. Beauty Counter Products

Quality all-natural bath and body products kinda speak for themselves. Great products, great results.

3. Relax & Restore Whole Food Magnesium by Garden of Life

I have a personal issue with my gastro intestinal tract. It’s completely inconsistent, but this product has helped me maintain regularity and helps me to rest at night. Getting this two for one package is really a delight.

2. Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins

Can I say amazing? Have you ever considered being able to add protein to any drink without thinking about it being hot or cold, chocolatey or fruit, sweet or savory? That’s what these protein peptides do for you. You can drop a scoop full of flavorless crystals into any drink and hit your protein target without the requirement to “drink a shake”. Love it!

1. MegaFood Vitamins

Not one just one vitamin, everyone I tried so far is amazing and feels good in my tummy. I wrote more about it last week here.
There are truly SO many more great goodies that we received that I just can’t talk about them all. To find out more about these companies, head over to ShiftCon Media.
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