10 Day You Challenge: Six Places

Today is all about places that I want to go. This is actually harder than I thought. I figured, I could pick some vacation places, and that’d be it. Choosing six places to go can be more than just the superficial. Enjoy!

Six. Anchorage, AL

I’m not sure why, I just always wanted to see what Alaska had to offer. I love cold weather, so it’s definitely a place for me to be.

Five. Seattle, WA

Went to Seattle when I was in college. It’s the number one place that I’d want to live if not in California. It rains 9 months a year and for most people, that would be a turnoff, but I would welcome it. The greenery, the city life, it was just so much fun to be in.

Four. DisneyWorld, Orlando, FL

With all of this, need I say more?

Three. The White House, Washington D.C.

Not a tour, I want an actual visit. I would like to meet the President and the First Lady. I would like to go to a White House dinner. I would like to ask the President some hard questions – regardless of who’s in office/

Two. Paris, France

I have family in France, and it is the city of love. I went once when I was a teenager and completely fell in love myself. I would love  to return as an adult and get a different view of the land. Actually my favorite city was Nice, but since I have my hubby and kids, they have to see le Louvre and la Tour Eiffel. I took some beautiful pictures of EVERYTHING, even before digital, but alas, they were lost many years ago.

One. Haleiwa, HI

As I mentioned last week, my best friend lives in HI. I miss her and her family dearly and one of these days, she’s supposed to show me how to surf!


You can still work out on vacation:

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“Thin” Doesn’t Run in Our Family

For Labor Day, I had some family over. As a hard-working single mother of three children, she tries her best everyday. She’s a heavy gal, like me, but the more time that I spend with her, the more I realize a couple of things. First, she lumps me in with her every weight discussion we have, regardless of the purpose of the conversation. Second, she doesn’t think that our family can be “thin”.

Lumping… I like that word for this, mainly because that’s exactly what it is. When discussing weight, she says “we” can’t be thin, “we” have never been thin and “we” shouldn’t look to be thin. I will say that I’m not quite sure what her interpretation of “thin” is. Is it something like this?

Victoria’s Secret

Or is it like this?

Dove’s Real Woman Campaign

 To be frank, I have been “thin”. I was a size 5 at one point in time – for about six months. I felt weak and unhealthy, so I put on a little weight, taking me to a size 7 for another six months. I maintained it until I fell into a major depression, losing my best friend, I ate. Then before I got healthy, I fell into another depression, putting me at then-all-time high of size 18. But’s that’s all an aside, the point is I can be thin and each person is there own.

There is power in our thoughts. When we lump ourselves in with someone else, you feel safe, you feel safe to not make a change. When you can hold on to the idea that you and this other larger person are the same person, if they don’t do it, then you don’t actually have to try. Don’t let your attachment to your current self stop you becoming the person you want to be.

Our family… like a lot of black families, the women, especially, are large. My mother is larger now, maintaining a size 5 until her third child in her thirties. She never took it off, but she was tiny for a long time. My sister is also thin, donning a size 3. It’s not our family, it’s our decisions. We make awful decisions. We use food to console us, we eat too much, and we eat fried and starches.

That’s it. No genetic differences, no “big bones”, no “phat”. We are just big. You know how I know this… when other people who previously said they were big-boned and couldn’t lose weight, actually loses weight (through diet and exercise or procedure), they drop to a svelte size 5 or 7 and all perception of “big-bones” disappears.

However, we do have different body shapes. I can never look like that Victoria’s Secret model above and I’m ok with that. But I will be thin… thin and HEALTHY!


If we would change our thinking, we would be thinner.

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10 Day Challenge: Seven Wants

As I cruise the internet through other blogs, I’m finding some open ended questions. I realize that I don’t really share a lot about myself on this blog, although I’d like to, so I’ll be doing more question and responses on here.

I’m coming in a bit in the middle of this challenge, and maybe I’ll come back to them at the end, just to complete it. But, for now, I’ll start with Seven Wants.

1. New Car

Both of our cars are paid off and I’m very comfortable with that fact. Sometimes, I just want a new one, I envy those with the latest and greatest. But I know that I’m sacrificing for a larger goal – debt freedom. But as soon as I get there, this is the car I want! BMW X3. I will get there!

2. New Refrigerator

This is probably a need, since it’s leaking, but it’s on my wants list because it’s still functional as a refrigerator, as we’ve been using it. I love this one from LG.

3. Go to Hawaii

I have seen my best friend in ages. She has her own struggles and children and I have mine, but who can turn down going to Hawaii for a vacation!


4. KitchenAid Mixer

I don’t bake, but this mixer seems like it will make life easier. I use all of my appliances, so I know this will get good use.


 5. Maid Service

I have a newborn… need I say more?


6. Indoor Pool

I love swimming and I’d love to have a pool that I can actually swim laps in.


7. Happy Healthy Children

Need I say more?


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Fill in the ____ Friday

  1. Over this Labor Day weekend, I will be working on my website and getting in a date night with hubby.
  2. With the political debates going on right now, my thoughts are that I wish that we could get a real political candidate that spends more time telling us what he’s going to do right than what the other person did was wrong.
  3. Today, my plans got all screwed up. I thought I had a couple of hands to help around the house, and that didn’t happen and now I have some errands to run. C’est la vie d’une mere.
  4. The best thing I’ve cooked recently was pan-fried fish lightly covered in crushed croutons, fried in bacon grease with a side of mixed vegetables. Hubby said it was awesome!
  5. The last thing I bought was a great pair of DKNY shoes from Macy’s. I was in desperate need of flats and hadn’t been lucky in finding any. My feet are incredibly narrow for the size (9 or 10) and I finally got it at a clearance for $16!IMG075.jpg
  6. The best movie I saw this summer was mmmm, did I go to the movies this summer? I can’t recall seeing any movie this summer, so I doubt it.
  7. The best book I read this summer was ummm, read is past-tense. I’m in the midst of reading Outliers and have been for the last two months, which constitutes the summer, right?

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Linkin’ Up

I’m having so much fun reading all the new blogs across the blogosphere and there’s another linking list here. Broaden your horizons and see what’s out there!

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Habanero Cranberry Sauce

Want to make food a little tastier? Feel free to add spice. Check out this recipe: The sweet and SPICY flavor of these beauties made for one killer cranberry sauce. If you are not a fan of extreme heat in your foods PLEASE CAREFULLY SEED THE PEPPERS. OK, there’s the disclaimer, now here’s the recipe 🙂



1 tsp coconut oil
1 fresh habanero chili, minced (I left the seeds IN but please adjust to suit your taste)
1 1 lb bag of fresh cranberries, rinsed and picked over
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
1/4 water
1/3 cup PURE maple syrup (add more after the dish is done if you want it sweeter)
1 tsp cinnamon or to taste


Add all other ingredients and bring to simmer. Lower heat and simmer until sauce is desired consistency. For me that is about 20 minutes but if you want a lumpier sauce a bit less.Heat coconut oil over med-high heat until hot but not smoking. Add minced habanero and saute until softened, about 1 minute.

Let cool for a bit and taste. Add a bit more syrup if desired.

Enjoy the heat!

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