It has been almost a year since I wrote on this blog.

It wasn’t intentional.

I was wondering what I should do with this blog. Should I keep it? Should I let it go? Should I rebrand? Should I….

The questions don’t matter.

The fact is, it’s hard to commit when you don’t know what you want.

I didn’t know what I wanted.

More specifically, I didn’t know what I wanted my little corner of the internet to be. It hasn’t been “me” for a long time.

I did what paid the bills and made ends meet. I did enough to keep this thing alive. And I can tell you that it didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel like it fed my soul or kept me going. So I let it go.

Not intentionally. I stopped caring and when you stop caring things happen.

No one tells you as an adult that there are actions to your inactions and those actions are NOT what you want, because life keeps going. It doesn’t stop because you don’t decide to live it to the fullest.

So, this year, my intention is to be purposeful – intentional – nothing is to just happen to me in 2020.

Purposeful | Word of the Year | AprilNoelle
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