I’ve been ruminating on this word, BRAVE, for weeks as I’ve deemed it my “Word of the Year”. As simple as it is, my chosen word of the year has a lot of implications and requirements.

Unlike a previous choice, the word brave means “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Honestly, I sigh with an overwhelming sense of pressure, even before I get start. I LOVE my comfort zone. My comfort zone is just living my day to day life. I take the kids to school, I go to work and connect with potential homeowners and sellers.

I would say that I have at least one luxury. I have a wonderful husband that affords me the ability to not work 9-5 in a job I hate. We also don’t live an extravagant life. We take one modest family vacation a year, eat out maybe once a month and take advantage of as many free activities as we can!

However, even with this simple change in my life, it also means that I don’t have to make much. No one is depending on my income. And back to the comfort zone I go.

But this year, I vow to be different because I want more. I want to do more than go on one vacation or eat out occasionally. I want to get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

But how am I going to be brave? My goal for this year is to say yes to more AND seek more opportunities to:

  • Become a public speaker
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs
  • Grow my marketing skills

So, what about you? Do you have resolutions or a word of the year? It’s already February, are you staying on target?