I’ve only been to one blogger conference – Shiftcon – and I’ve been twice. It is the only conference that makes me want to get away from my family.


Because I know it’s FOR my family.

I may not be able to keep up with the latest and greatest, but Leah (Mamavation) works her ass off to educate the attendees on what matters and to separate junk information from science.

Shiftcon 2018 was different from my last experience. I felt so much more comfortable and confident walking in. Last time, I felt that I would be judged because I was considered “light green”. This year, I knew that being light green was ok and every step I took mattered.

This year, I walked in surrounded by new and old friends – friends that I had met for the first time IRL at the last conference and ones that I had only corresponded with through email.


One of the biggest joys of this conference is the food – Applegate feeds us and feeds us well. From snacks to meals, they provide the best of the best natural and organic meats – No GMOs, No Antibiotics, and Humanely Raised! Every time we stepped out into the lobby or expo, we had pepperoni to snack on and it was delicious! I took some home for my kids because… Snack Time. I’m so glad that Applegate is in my local Publix to keep our pantry stocked!

Simply Real Foods

My favorite new brand is Simply Real Foods. Since I do most of my shopping at Costco, I don’t always have the easiest access to real food. Simply Real Foods is a new website that gives you easier access to organic, high-quality and affordable food that you can order online and deliver right to your door.

Beauty Counter

I’m always amazed to see how much crap goes in items that we put in and on our bodies! Beauty Counter gives us great products without all of the fillers. We received their signature No. 3 Balancing Collection as a gift to our rooms. I love it! The facial oil is so light. A little goes a LONG way!

Thank you Leah and team for the Shiftcon 2018 conference and I’m so glad to be a part of it. Check out the rest of the Shiftcon 2018 Sponsors here!