In the start of the spring season, our bodies are transitioning from the cold weather to a warmer climate. The reason behind this is that the air pressure is changing and our body system had now adjusted to the harsh cold that was recently upon us. Many people experience flu and coughs as the readings drop on the barometer. On the other hand, when the temperature rises, weather-sensitive people experience migraines, joint aches and back aches.

Saving yourself from getting sick can be a troublesome task and an even more concerning thing is when you have a family to look for. Changing weather, especially the shifting from cold temperatures to warmer seasons can leave a lot of people vulnerable. With the increasing warmth and high humidity levels, it becomes easier for bacteria to travel through the air, increasing your chances of contracting airborne illnesses. The kids go to school and interact with other children, where they may get a viral disease or you can get any bacterial infection in an office or a store. There are multiple precautions that you can take to make your spring better, happier and healthier.


Stepping Into Spring: Essential "To Do's" for your Family |
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Although your skin is the most delicate part of your body during the winter, it can also be fragile in spring. To care for your skin during spring weather, you would need to swap a few products with things that are intentioned to work better in hotter weather. Lotions should be replaced with a light moisturizer, as lotions can make your skin too oily in warm weather.

Moreover, increase the number of times you bathe or shower in the week. This will help you ward off any dead skin cells, stay refreshed and also prevent you from having bad body odor. Protection from the sun also becomes necessary so use sunscreen as often as possible before going out in the day. Implement this not only on yourself but on your kids and your partner.

 Taking Care of Your Surroundings:

Keeping your house clean is also a part of your mission to stay fit and healthy. Hygienic surroundings don’t mean that you turn tidiness into an obsession and not rest until everything is squeaky clean. However, it does mean that a few things would require a little more attention and now need to be cleaned more often than they used to be in colder weather. Gutters and drains should be your top priority when you intend on taking on house cleaning responsibilities. This ensures that the rainwater stays away from inside your house during those long spring rains. Similarly, with the air conditioner and/or heater, you must make sure that it is working properly and the machine is not malfunctioning. Some of these systems are essential in spring cleaning and you cannot have a clean space without these working machines.

Keeping Hydrated:

There are multiple options for you to stay hydrated and take in enough liquids for the day, but not all of them are healthy. There are sodas, iced tea and juices that are used in place of water. However, that must not be your only source of liquid. Instead, keep a water bottle with you to avoid the temptation of buying anything unhealthy. Have your kids take water bottles with them as well or suggest them that they drink the water from the drinking fountain instead of buying soda cans at school.

Physical Health:

During the winter season, you are usually confined to indoor spaces and outdoor physical activities are limited. As the weather changes, it is a lot more favorable to have outdoor games and exercises can also transition from gym routines to morning walks, jogging and other outdoor exercises. This is the perfect way to stay healthy in spring and also work on your summer body goals. It is always wise to wear proper shoes, clothes and if you are using any equipment to carry out your exercise routines, then make sure that they are safe to use.


Spring can be a fun time for anyone yet caution is always necessary and it is better to adopt safety measures that can help you in leading a better lifestyle. The aforementioned things are meant to keep you safe in the changing climate. It can provide you a smooth transition for your body, making it competent enough to adapt to the changes that the weather is going through without overexerting yourself and damaging your health.


Guest post written by Zyana Morris