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The Struggle is Real | My Weight Loss Journey | #Sponsored by OGX Fenix |

This post is sponsored by OGX Fenix. I was compensated for this discussion.

It’s been just over a month since starting my weight loss journey and I’ll have to admit, it’s been rough. I haven’t done a two-shake a day plan since college and boy, I wasn’t ready.

Finding the Right Time for the Full Meal

The first two weeks were the most challenging, trying to figure out what time a day that I’ll eat the full meal. Initially, I tried breakfast because I love bacon and eggs. I quickly found myself wanting regular food for lunch too and not drinking the shake at all, or only one for a snack.

Next, I tried a nice meal for lunch and that worked out pretty well. I would have a shake for dinner instead of eating with the family.

Since I was fooling around with the timing of it I wanted to try having the full meal for dinner too.

Epic fail.

The first time I tried to do it I was so hungry that I ate two to three times the recommended serving of dinner. I figured it was just a fluke because I happen to be hungry that day since I spent the entire day running around.

So I tried it again. Fail again.

Nope, I couldn’t do it in the evening. I was way too hungry to stress and lazy by the end of the day.

Remembering to Pack Snacks

So lunch time it was. The next struggle war was making sure I had adequate snacks. If you’ve been following the blog, I recently became an Uber driver. Sometimes the route will take me farther in longer than I anticipate so when I got home for my lunch I would still overeat. Of course, the OGX Fenix manual recommends bringing snacks and which kind of snacks you should eat, but true to myself, I would keep forgetting them at home and I would drive right after dropping off my children.

What helped is when I put snacks in small baggies when I made the kids lunches, I made my I started packing small bags of nuts and a piece of fruit in the car in the morning and I have been good to go ever since.


I have been asked about the taste. It’s pretty good. It’s rich dark chocolate. My first shake of the day 

But I do have to say though that I normally do not like vanilla, I find myself not looking to see if I grab the chocolate bag instead of the vanilla bag out of the cabinet. I like them both equally. 


But the real question is but the real question is what’s the progress? And I have to say the answer is pretty good. In the last month, I’m down eight pounds and that’s with Thanksgiving, a “healthy” dose of Thanksgiving, and a “healthy” dose of 10-hour-road-trip-fast-food-car-eating.

During the car trips, I did realize something. I didn’t want to screw up my progress. So even though I did partake of plenty of McDonald’s and Wendy’s on the trip, I also made sure that I ate salads or smaller portions instead of my typical get a full meal.

Are you on a weight loss journey?

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