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Keeping in the Sun with #GlassesUSA | | #ad

**This conversation is sponsored by GlassesUSA. All opinions are my own.**

Summer is over. And in Florida, a real winter is never coming.

Since moving here, I have noticed how much I miss seasons. Let’s be real, Southern California doesn’t exactly scream four seasons. Yet, I lived through several cold winters, including one that was in the 30s (with no heat, but that’s a story for another day).

Keeping in the Sun with #GlassesUSA | | #adBut here in Florida, the average temperature is 75 all year long.

My first winter here I don’t recall it dropping below 70 at all. However, last year was great. For two whole weeks, I was sitting in a glorious 60-degree weather, digging out a light sweater for the first time.

So in that regard, I’ll be getting a lot of sun this winter. What a better way to take in the rays is with a brand-new pair of sunglasses?

I received a beautiful pair of sunglasses from GlassesUSA. Named Ashbury, it comes in a three of color choices: gray/gold, brown/gold or beige/gold. I chose the gray/gold to go with more of my wardrobe.

  • These sunglasses have served me well over the last couple of weeks since I’ve been running to all sorts of outdoor events for the kids.
  • I also went to an outdoor wedding and the gold accents made me feel a like even my glasses were fancy.
  • They are extremely light, which is good because glasses typically tickle my nose, causing me to take them off whenever I don’t absolutely need them.
  • The frames are light so it doesn’t distort the color, but blocks out tons of light.

About the Company

GlassesUSA has many more options, including prescriptions for those who need them. I love the philosophy of the company.

Behind this website, there are actual people who make sure you and your eyes are taken care of.
From our own optical experts that craft the lenses; to our dedicated customer service that ensures you are always covered; to our trend-conscious buyers who select the frames; to our shipping department that makes sure you get your glasses on time.

They produce high quality glasses for a fair price. They do that by cutting out the middleman:

  • Manufacturer – Our glasses are manufactured in a factory.

  • Store – Agents take a cut to bring it to the retailer.

  • Wholesaler – Rent and operating costs bump up the cost.

  • Lab – Retailers send your lenses to an optical lab.

  • You – You end up paying for all these unnecessary stops in the food chain.

What’s the weather like in your area? Have you put your sunglasses away for the season?

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