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**OGX Fenix inspired this journey and discussion. All opinions are my own.**

I’ve been on a weight yo-yo ever since law school… scratch that, ever since college. Unlike most people, I dropped to my lowest weight ever my first year of college, 120 pounds. Unlike most people who struggle to make this weight, I felt sick and weak. Apparently, I just wasn’t eating enough and exercising a ton.

My weight gain has been slow and steady, starting when I worked multiple jobs while in undergrad. I rarely ate, but when I did, I made terrible choices. That scheduled remained until graduation.

Then law school. I loved my law school, but hated my law school life. Lonely and bored, I didn’t really settle in well in school. I was one of the few people without a family that had to work to make ends meet. My schedule reflected that. When most people were in the library, I was working. When I was in the library, others were sleeping. Either way, I didn’t eat better. In fact, I ate worse.

Now, four kids later and I’m sitting idly between 225 and 235 pounds, depending on what time of the month it is. I’m able to drop down to 205, but haven’t made it under 200 for years.

Because of this, I try to avoid taking too many pictures and when I do, it’s headshot only.

Until this Saturday. April's Before Picture |

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I went to a Breast Cancer Walk. I felt great, I walked, I had fun. Until I saw this picture (right).

See, I’m smiling big and happy… and sucking in my stomach. But it looks like I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy.

What I manage to forget, especially after I lose weight, is that this is a journey. It doesn’t stop when you hit your goal weight and it certainly doesn’t stop when you’re still trying to lose.

What I need to stop doing is thinking that it’s a diet and really believe and understand that this is truly a journey, a life-long journey.

Depending on where you are, food can be everywhere. Worse yet, bad food can be everywhere. Who wants to cook when there’s a Wendy’s deal for $4 around the corner.

I know, I’m also showcasing my extreme laziness, especially when it comes to cooking. Quite frankly, I don’t like doing it, not even a little bit.

Even though I’m not a fan of cooking, I am a fan of my children’s health, so I do my best to put healthy meals on the table for their sake.

Time for Change

So, this time, I’m going to start my journey with OGX Fenix, a brand-new whey protein drink mix with organically grown Ganoderma that provides healthy nutrition, aids in the weight loss or the weight management process.

Accompanying each OGX FENIX™ order is the OGX Nutritional Weight Management Guide that takes OGX FENIX™ to the next level. ORGANO shows you how to do it with recommended meal plans, exercise options for all levels of fitness, hints to maximize success, as well as customized recipes that keep your weight management plan engaging, fun and efficient. The shakes are easy to use – 2 shakes a day help melt the pounds away, 1 shake a day helps keep the fat away when used with a sensible eating plan and exercise program. ~ From the Official Organo Gold press release dated September 6, 2016.

So, here I go… starting again with only one possiblity in my future… Weight Loss SUCCESS!


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