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Paint and wine parties are all the rage and deservedly so. For two hours, you sit with some friends, showcase some art skills you didn’t know you had and, of course, drink some wine.

So, when one of these places opened up in my backyard I had to check it out. I had heard the buzz about Flora’s Cocktails and Canvases from some friends and was really looking forward to it since the next nearest place is a couple of towns over. Why drive extra if you don’t have to?

About Flora’s Cocktails and Canvases

From the website:

Flora’s Cocktails and Canvases™ is the new trendy upscale and chic paint party studio in town! Come join us in our cozy studio and relax in our classy white and blue leather couches as you sip on a cup of coffee, tea or wine.

Everything but your favorite drink is included: the canvases, aprons, brushes, paint, tables and chairs, etc.

Our studio turns into the “chill” place to be after our night classes end. We turn up the music and turn on the strobe lights. The party has only begun!

Grand Opening

For the grand opening, I arrived between classes and it was pretty empty. Honestly, I was pretty nervous wondering how this place would do. It’s in a great location, but sometimes new businesses don’t start out strong. I asked Flora about how the morning went. She said that all of the previous classes were booked solid. So I waited.

In thirty minutes, it went from empty to completely full. Only three seats (out of 36) were empty in the entire class.

Flora was our teacher and she stood on the elevated platform with a mic, camera, and television. She used her phone to show the details of her painting on a large television. This really helped me see what she was doing up close for such a large class.

Gallery and My Finished Pieces

We painted a bird surrounded by beautiful purple flowers. I have no artistic skills, but I’m surprised what a good teacher can bring out of me. The left is Flora’s Cocktails and Canvases’ Gallery Piece. The right is mine. As if you had any question…

Ok, I’m no Van Gogh, but we knew this going in. The fact that it actually looks like a bird and the flowers look like flowers is a triumph.

How do you think I did? Would you go to a Cocktail and Canvas night?

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