Best Father’s Day Gifts for Men Who Mean Business 2016

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Best Father’s Day Gifts for Men Who Mean Business 2016

In my house, Father’s Day gifts are the hardest to buy. My husband often just buys whatever he wants whenever he wants it. So, this year, I thought long and hard about things that would prove really useful in his daily life, but may not have known about.

If you’ve got a businessman at home, here are some of the best Father’s Day Gifts for businessmen!


**Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, 2016**


Make your businessman fall in love with your gift!

Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to put in the Father’s Day orders to get them in time. Make sure that they don’t feel forgotten with the perfect gift for your father, your partner, your father-in-law, your “I think of you as a father”, special man in your life.  To help inspire your gift giving, I’ve partnered with some of my favorite bloggers to put together a complete gift guide featuring Father’s Day gift ideas for all of those special guys!  View our complete Father’s Day Gift Guide HERE!

You can find a gift here for any dad in your life!

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As for my husband, who spends most of his day in the office, I found that sometimes the best gift is that which helps them make his life easier on a day-to-day basis.

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Father's Day Guide for Men Who Mean


Businessmen’s Father’s Day Gifts 2016

Tie and Belt Rack | Father's Day Gift Guide 2016 | LINC |

Tie and Belt Rack

Awhile ago, we inherited about 20 ties. Coming into a bunch of ties at one time means that you have to figure out where to put them and how to put them on display. I needed an easy system to store and reach all of the ties and belts we already owned. So, I bought this tie and belt rack. Since this machine is electronic, a simple push of a button turns the machine around to save space and keep everything neat. For under $20, this gift is a steal.



USB Cufflinks | Father's Day Gift Guide 2016 | LINC |

USB Cufflinks

USB drives are getting smaller and more convenient. My husband is constantly leaving things behind, including his keys and phone, so I can’t imagine that he would remember to take a USB drive even to a potential important meeting. Spare him the need to remember another item by combining the USB drive with a necessary accessory! These wifi enabled USB cufflinks will keep your husband on top of his business game while looking classy at the same time.



Coffee and espresso maker | Father's Day Gift Guide 2016 | LINC |

Single Serving Coffee and Espresso Makers

With coffee being the businessman’s staple, don’t make him miss out on valuable work time searching for the perfect cup. These single serving coffee makers fit snugly in on your desk or in the corner. Not ready for an in office coffee and espresso maker? Grab a multi-cup coffee and espresso maker to make both of you the perfect cup of coffee in the morning.



coffee warmer

Car Coffee Cup Warmer

There’s nothing worse than making the perfect cup of coffee and when you’re ready to take a sip, it’s ice cold. Prevent bad, cold coffee with this car coffee cup warmer. Whether you make it at home or buy it at the local coffee place, this car coffee warmer keeps the coffee warm for whenever you’re ready to drink.


Lunch Bag | Father's Day Gift Guide 2016 | LINC |

Lunch Bag

Don’t worry about his co-workers stealing your delicious meals from the work fridge again. With 10 hours of chilling time, your husband can keep his lunch on his desk until he’s ready to eat. This lunch bag will keep you and your man happy and most of all, full.


travel shaving kit

Art of Shaving’s 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Travel Kit

When the man in your life is on the go, they still need to keep their facial hair in check. This Shave Travel Kit can stay packed away in his travel bag so that he will never be gone and need to figure out how to get a quick shave.


watch box

Watch Box

Over the years, I’ve gotten the men in my life various watches. Yet, sometimes, they disappear into the oblivion of a drawer. Stop that from happening to wonderful watches in your man’s life. Don’t let “out of sight, out of mind” plague him. Get this watch box to display all of the beautiful watches you’ve gotten him.



men's pajamas


What’s the best after a long day? Sleeping in comfortable pajamas and relaxing in a comfortable bed. A new bed might be out of the question, but for $35, you can sleep in peace and comfort in a variety of colors and styles. Dress the man in your life like a million dollars or just help him sleep like it.



B&O BeoPlay H8 Wireless Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

Whether at home or on the go, the perfect headphones can come in handy to keep the noise out and get the good stuff in. With these wireless headphones, he never needs to skip a beat when a call comes in. Compatible with most smartphone devices, answering a call in the midst of anything else has never been easier. Keep him on his game, get these headphones now.


Who’s got time to ready books anymore? I have some friends that have that time, figure it out, but I have to listen to the best of the best instead. I know the busy man would love the option to listen, instead of read, too. Check out Audible to never miss a book beat.


You know that you’ve got the best list of Father’s Day Gift giving ideas. So, take the time to make brunch reservations and be prepared for the man in your life to be wowed!  Be sure to check out our FULL Father’s Day Gift Guide, brought to you by The Crunchy Mommy, Headband for Today, Butter and Beats, Love, Peace & Tiny Feet, OK, Dani, and yours truly!


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