At a mom’s meeting, one of the moms mentioned that her husband worked at this place called IFixYourI. As someone who always seems to have a device (or few) that needs repair of some sort, my ears perked up. She explained that the owner started as an iPhone repair but has expanded to most electronic devices.

She was telling us some of the craziness that they are mailed (yes, mailed), including this college student who wrecked his computer by vomiting on it. At the time, they were assessing it. I don’t know if they fixed it, but the key is that they tried, through the disgusting mess.

So, when I finally dragged my behind over there (not far, just lazy), I took an old shattered iPod for repair first. My son had dropped it during our move across country from the bed of the moving truck to the ground. I didn’t have high hopes for its repair. Turns out I was right.

But the cool thing was that I wasn’t charged since they couldn’t fix it. No holding fee, no deposit, no fee at all. iFixYouri called me about its inability to turn the device on then told them they could recycle it if they wanted to.

I asked questions about a computer I wanted to bring in and they let me know that virus removal was about $80. Considering Geek Squad was a $99 deposit just to do an assessment, then even more to remove it, this was a great deal.


I dropped it off, letting them know that a full hard drive wipe and recovery was ok if they deemed it necessary to remove the virus.

When they finished, the bill was just $21!

iFixYouri determined that it wasn’t a virus causing the problems, but some out of wacky default settings.

Needless to┬ásay, I was grateful that I “saved” $60!

The only con I could even mention is that I dropped it off on a Saturday and didn’t get a call until the following Wednesday.

At this location in West Palm Beach, they have no computer techs on the weekend, focusing on phones instead.

I also told them that it was no rush since it had been months since our last use, a couple of extra days wouldn’t matter. I don’t know the speed if you said you needed it ASAP, on a weekday or a call ahead.

iFixYouri has several locations in Palm Beach County, Florida, Orange County, Florida and Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

I would highly recommend trying them out if there is a location in your neighborhood.

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