Embracing the Rainbow

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Embracing the Rainbow

When my son was six years old, he brought home a “Student of a Week” questionnaire asking about his favorite things. Of course, one of the questions was “What is your favorite color?” I was proud of his answer, “All of them.”.

Now, if I walk down the endless rows of blues indicating these toys are for boys and the pinks for girls. I can’t help but wonder how did we get so mixed up when did a color represent a gender. When did the brightness of a fuscia or the darkness of midnight blue become one-dimensional?

Embracing the Rainbow

Therefore, If I were a crayon, I’d want to be the whole box because…

Sometimes I feel sweet and sassy like a tangerine, feminine and petite, with a soft outside and juicy inside.

Other times, I’m a boss like a goldenrod, wrapped in a good mood, shining with brilliance. I am respected, honored and an indicator that seasons change.

When the color of blue surrounds me, I’m often in bed, quiet and feeling alone. The warmth of the covers comforts me inside and out as I search for the perfect movie to fit my mood.

In the dark times, that blue becomes black as I fall deep in depression and willing to listen to anyone or feel for anyone wanting to close on the ball and cry.

Thankfully, those periods aren’t long and I’m able to bounce back with the shade of emerald. The color of life flows through my veins as I take back my life and responsibilities.

I do have to say that I’m tickled pink when playing with my girls, as that’s the colors that my cheeks turn after laughing nonstop at their antics.

I’m covered in red on date night as we venture out on the rare occasion to be alone on the dance floor surrounded by the crowd.

Plum best describes my type of anger, a mix of sadness and passion, disappointment and sympathy.

My life reflects the vibrancy of the largest box of crayons, so if I was a crayon, I’d be the whole box.


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s sentence is “If I were a crayon…”
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