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Big News: Introducing Modernish Mommas

Last year, I read a lot of blogs. I saw the gambit from complaining about parenthood to wildly inventive (but time-consuming and extensive) DIY projects. I enjoyed reading them all.

What was noticeably absent was the tie between motherhood and work. Up to 19% of mothers are likely to develop postpartum depression and 10% of mothers stay depressed (at some level) thereafter. Studies are still rolling in on why this is the case, but I’d like to throw my guess out there:

We try to be everything to everybody.

We love our husbands.

We love our children.

We love our extended family.

We love our jobs (or we don’t).

But we live to make sure that everyone ELSE is happy and in doing so, few of us are really happy.

I’d like to change that or at least help.

Whether your job is raising your children or a corporate executive, I’d like to change the way you think about your day to bring yourself more happiness.

Modernish Mommas

Out of this, Modernish Mommas was born.

Modernish Mommas is a community of moms who’ve “been there” and will provide physical, tangible advice on how to take the next step. We are here to help you transition between jobs, change careers, become a stay at home mother or go back to work. We are here to help you be confident in your decisions, all while taking your family into utmost consideration.

As we grow, we will create communities so that you can get the most out of the site. Please sign up now to be notified when it launches!


Want to be a part of the community? Send me an email at spiritedlife @ We’d be happy to have you along!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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