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Did you know that I started contributing to a site called FitNoire?


Probably not because I have not been a good spokesperson for myself, nor have I been posting as regularly as I should.

That will change soon enough. In the meantime, here’s my first article:

5 Step Guide to a Successful Weight Loss Plan

Every year, people decide that this year is the year that they are going to change; this year is the year they will take off those last 10 pounds or start their weight loss journey.

Yet, over and over again, people fail. Only 28% of people stick with their plans until the end of January.

The past few years, there has been a move from resolutions to a “word of the year” because they don’t reach their resolutions goals.

The problem is that there is an assumption that with the declaration and the desire, when January 1 finally rolls around, they will want to change their ways. But they don’t.

It’s not for the lack of deciding or desire, it’s the lack of putting a brand new system in place – a BRAND NEW SYSTEM.



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