A Very Merry Christmas to You

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A Very Merry Christmas to You

By far, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it: the decorations, the presents, the tree, the colors, and the lights (oh my, the lights). Most of all, I love how this one day seems to soften so many hearts around the world.

Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate Christmas. Some love the tree and elf on a shelf, others spend this time in prayer and reflection of that Christ did for us. Whether you believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior is almost irrelevant in some circles.

From My Tree to Yours

The power of giving, the power of love, the power of selflessness, becomes overwhelming.

So has the power of commercialism.

Commercialism has no power without our desire to buy. For most, people are buying for others, even spending their money beyond what they can reasonably afford to make someone else happy (or even satisfied). Yet, every year the amount that we spend on Christmas grows.

That’s great (except when you drive yourself into debt to do so).

I watch people give to non-profit organizations, the homeless on the streets and to teachers. I watch them think about someone else’s not only being on this earth, but what they may want or need. We stop focusing on ourselves, our feelings, our wants and we turn that focus on someone else in their circles.

I see love.

I see compassion.

I see the reason Jesus came to us.

Every year, I am moved by this season. Every year, I watch as we celebrate a day signifying Jesus’ birth, move through the people around me.

You may not believe. That’s ok. I do and every year I see and feel His presence.

When watching others don’t move me, the songs always do. My favorite song is an old one. Most radio plays the instrumental. Here’s a recent version by Pentatonix:


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