Swim In to #CyberMonday {plus a #HolidayGiftGuide}

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Swim In to #CyberMonday {plus a #HolidayGiftGuide}

Being an athlete is no stranger to me. Volleyball, basketball, track and field and swimming… Yes, four sports in high school. I made the varsity squad in each sport.

Man, why didn’t I keep this up? Why didn’t keep working out? Starting over really sucks.

But I digress.

Those long after school practices were some of my best high school memories. My best stroke was the breast stroke. After twenty years, I can’t remember my best time, but I know I won many swim meets.

I remember this one meet. My race came up, I anchored to the diving board waiting for the gun to blow.


I was off!

Head down, head up, head down, head up. In the background, I hear the audience scream and shout. The crowd’s cheer fueled my stroke, as it was one of the biggest groups we’ve had to watch. I flawlessly flip each time and I’m headed to the finish line. The screaming and yelling increase. I’m focused. My heads continues to bob. I touch the wall and look around.

I’m first! I warm inside and giddy, like I am with all of my races.


I look around and finally can hear what people are shouting. “Why didn’t you stop?” they asked.

What? Why would I stop?

I tried to figure out what was going on when my timekeeper knelt down next to me and whispered “There was a false start.”

Now, in track, a false start is easy to determine. The starter fires the gun the second time, but your head is above water and you can hear it. With splashing water, heads bobbing and adrenaline rushing, you just don’t hear it.

I sigh. I realize that I’m going to have to do it again. I ask my timekeeper. Was it me? He assured me it was not.

Then the timekeeper whispered again. “Too bad too, you would’ve set a new league record.” Then he stood up to walk away.

I pushed full throttle the second time around, but I just couldn’t do it twice. I ended up with second place, with a significant drop in time.

My disappointment is beyond belief, but what could I do?

I swim on…

Whenever I get the chance, I swim on, I race, I enjoy the water. I’m not competing for any medals, but I am competing with my 11 year old son who’s not nearly as good (*sinister laugh*)

Now that I have a little three year old swimmer and a two year old professional water sitter, I have to be in the water all of the time. I received some of the great offerings from SwimOutlet.com in exchange for my honest review.



Swim Outlet
Top – Speedo Crochet Tunic Cover Up and Easy USA Women’s Sport Flip Flop | Left – Body Sport Medicine Ball 12lb | Upper Right – Wet Products Beach Umbrella | Bottom Right – Easy USA Women’s Mesh Top Water Shoes

The Easy USA Women’s Sport Flip Flop and Mesh Top Water Shoes are perfect to wear poolside. The soles seem to be non-slip and allow for me to chase after my wild girls.  I never get the opportunity to sit and rest or move slowly when the two little ones are around.

My husband was worried about the 12lb Body Sport Medicine Ball being slippery, but even after a good workout, the ball never slipped from either of our hands. We’re getting in a lot of ab work out these days, courtesy of SwimOutlet.com.

The Wet Products Beach Umbrella suitably covers our family blanket. The kids loved to have shade on the beach and be protected from the harsh sunlight. The umbrella is so easy to open, my 11 year old did it without instruction. It comes with a handy carrying case to make our beach trips super easy.

What I like the most is the Speedo Crochet Tunic Cover Up. It’s large enough that it’s room, form-fitting enough to make me feel sexy and long enough to cover my behind. This is just the right cover-up for women of all sizes.

There’s even more on sale in SwimOutlet.com’s Holiday Gift Guide, which carries a variety of items for swimming, sports, yoga and much much more. Check it out now!

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