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Blog life is a journey.

From the outside, a blogger wakes up, dribbles a few words onto the page and pushes that button “Publish”, then goes about their business.

The reality is there so much more to the story. Some start out with a niche, a specific theme for their online space, to share with the world. Others, like me, have no idea what they want to share or how they want to share it.

Entrepreneurs know that their blog will be their business, their job, their career. Their products, advertisers, and content writers are laid out in front of them before they even buy the domain name. Their growth is exponential showcasing their business acumen.

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

Niche bloggers may also see massive success because day after day, week after week, you will find the same type of content each time you return. They spend hours planning, creating and preparing their post and you can see their growth over time, finding out more about their viewership, giving them more of what they want.

Then there are bloggers like me. I’m disjointed. I’m all over the place. I talk about what I want, when I want. I sell advertising and I write stream of consciousness.

After years of writing, I haven’t gotten better. I haven’t found that niche.

Then, I realized, my blog is truly an extension of me. It’s who I am at that time and I’m a disjointed mess.

I have several plates spinning and am always trying to add another. Yet, none of these are connected.

Just to say a little about what’s going on in my world:

  • I’m a full time stay at home mom. No babysitters, no nannies, no child care for my two little girls under two.
  • I’m studying to become a real estate agent.
  • I volunteer at least four hours a week at Christ Fellowship, my home church.
  • I taking a class become a life group (bible study) leader.
  • I volunteer with National Coalition of 100 Black Women, a non-profit organization, no less than a few hours a week.
  • I help several other people with their work, from brainstorming ideas to social media to business plans.
  • I’m on my never-ending weight loss journey.
  • I’m building a homemade all natural body care line, Bahamas Sands Body, with my husband.

Then, I run this blog.

Besides this blog, each of these plates are separate and apart from another. This blog is what can bring it altogether

I struggle with bringing this to you in a coherent fashion and often end up saying nothing. I don’t know if it’s what you want to hear or read.

That will be changing. Even more so, I’ll be bringing more voices to the party. Some big things are coming soon.

I’m glad that you’ve been here so far and I hope that you’ll continue to join me on this ride to change to from a bunch of spinning plates to a community.

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