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In my seemingly never-ending quest to get healthier (and a little bit skinnier), I’ve been looking how I can change my diet. No matter how much I exercise, the scale changes just slightly. I can exercise all day, but ultimately I know that good health starts with good eating habits.

I recently heard about an organic supermarket called Tunies while hanging out at the park with some friends. We were discussing where we get our foods and since I normally bulk shop or hit up our local grocery store, I wanted to see where everyone else shopped. Several of the women shopped there and it got me wondering – how do health food stores differentiate themselves from the others and get a good reputation?

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In normal grocery stores, you often don’t have a variety of organic products that allow you to stretch your food knowledge and meal planning. Since most health food stores purchase from local farms, the area in which your store sits will offer a different selection based on location and season. I know that I am often inspired by the variety of fruits, vegetables and other organic foods in the health food stores depending on the season. You may not be able to find a papaya in October, but you will find a mango. During the summer, you may want to ditch tomatoes from your diet and instead try to integrate more mushrooms to get the freshest foods.

Locally Sourced

As mentioned before, a good health food store will receive their goods from local sources. Locally sourced goods leaves a smaller societal imprint, keeping emission levels down and getting fresher food. Since the farm can be within an hour or so, you may be able to get foods that were picked that morning.


We are all learning about organic food, how to cook it, and being exposed to new foods. A good health food store will give you ideas on how to utilize these “new to you” foods, and sometimes even offer demonstrations. Providing information is necessary to get people to try new foods and be willing to step outside their comfort zone.


This component is a given when talking about an organization having a good reputation. Most companies give back these days, which is great. As a company that wants to nourish your body, it makes sense that it would also nourish the community. I also feel a little better spending extra when I know the company is giving to a good cause.


Since it was the first time I had heard of Tunies, I had to look them up and their locations. There are several near me, one right by my son’s school. On top of all that, they seem to hit all of the above categories to make it a good source for organic food for me. I’m going to check it out.

Where do you get your organic food? What makes it a good place to shop?

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