Helping My Weight Loss Dreams Become Reality with Ozeri Precision 2 Digital Bathroom Scale Review}

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Helping My Weight Loss Dreams Become Reality with Ozeri Precision 2 Digital Bathroom Scale Review}

Before we get started, thanks to Kim for writing this review. She’ll be doing a lot more writing as time goes on. The links herein are affiliate links.If you decide to purchase, I will receive some change while you don’t pay anything extra. I appreciate all that you do to keep this blog going. 

Ok, so here’s the truth….

I am fat. Brutal, I know, but I can talk about me that way. No one else can.

Problem: I have decided that I no longer want to be fat. My solution is I am determined to do something about it and I have started working out at my local gym. Next problem: determining starting weight, goal weight, and all checks in between; privately.

Solution: Ozeri Precision 2 Digital Bathroom Scale!  Jeez, I was so happy to have the opportunity to try this one for free in exchange for an honest review!

Let me first mention that this piece of technology came with freebies! I opened the box to find that a tape measure and body fat calibrator were included!

Here is the first great thing about the Ozeri; the numbers are digital, large enough to see without struggling, and they are on a lit background for even further clarification. I just adore the fact that I don’t have to count the hash marks to get an accurate number; well…guess really, because I can’t clearly see the hash marks without getting down on my hands and knees. An added bonus is that the lighted display means I don’t have to turn on overhead light to see, therefor waking my sleeping hubby before my pre-dawn workout.

Ozeri Precision 2

The next great advantage is that it measures any change and rounds to the nearest 100 grams. When you step on the scale your current weight will display for 6 seconds followed by the previously recorded weight. If it is a gain, the lighted background will show in the color of red. If it is a loss of weight, the background will be lit in the color of green. No guess-work!

Now, the look of the scale may have been your first comment if you were writing this review, it was surely the first thing that my hubby commented on. He says it upgraded the look of our bathroom. It definitely was a noticeable change from the previous one that was old, grey and black with a huge dial, bulky in size, and almost as heavy as any user. The Ozeri is made of durable tempered glass which makes it almost invisible. It has a sleek, modern look with brushed nickel trim, and made low to the floor.

A few other need to know facts are: it runs on 4 triple AAA batteries (provided), an automatic shut off  to preserve battery life, auto power on upon stepping on the scale, maximum weight capacity is 400lbs ( which I pray I never see!), and a low battery/ weight overload indicator.

I love my Ozeri Precision 2 scale and now I am ready to check out what other great products they make!

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