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Evidence surrounds us that school is back in session. My son is gone all day, and is considering which athletic teams he would like to join, I’m homeschooling my daughters and more than anything, my mommy friends don’t have children at home to visit. No more pool trips, alone at the beach and visits to the museum are no longer free. Structure-free days are gone and wake up times are earlier.

My little minions and I conquered a lot of our bucket list. Yet, the best part was that we kept busy… no aches of boredom or readiness to go back to school in this house. My son was ready to see his friends, but would’ve been content being home for a few more weeks. I consider that a successful summer. The memories have been set and hopefully will stay favorable in my kiddos mind.

Now that summer’s over, I’m ready to help my children learn and grow. I’m ready for field trips and coloring lessons, singing the alphabet song and circle time, and videos with counting and sight words.

All of that said, there are many things that I miss about the summer…


My Little Minions

Over the summer, I stretched outside of my comfort zone and ventured to the beach. I know a lot of people love the beach, including my children. I can’t stand the sand ending up in crevices that you didn’t know you had. The glee that my little minions showed their excitement anticipation of going was well worth it.

From South Florida Science Museum and Learning Center

Museums tend not to be at the top of my priority list, because as much as I like them, they are often price-restrictive and outside of our budget. With the aid of LAMP, we were able to go to Norton Museum, Flagler Museum, South Florida Science Center and Aquarium (twice), and Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Learning Center (twice).

We spent hours upon hours in the pool, each improving our swimming techniques. My little daredevil, Bee, was excited to take off her flotation devices and managed to swim at least 20 feet across the pool. I’m imagining that if her brother was in the pool, she would’ve tried hard and swam farther. But alas, I’ll have to do with my “not quite four year old” swimming across the pool. I was so proud of her. She was a trooper and persistent.

Friendships developed and strengthened as the children became close with other families. We visited them and they returned the favor. Water play was a favorite, enjoying in the childhood play of warm weather and water from the sprinklers. Watching them play reminded me of the days long ago. If my only care was to run around letting the water flow though my hair and over my body in the dead of summer.

Family rolled into town. My children had an opportunity to spend time with them. Those days were not wasted, they were important and loved. My babies loved every minute and wished for it to never end.

We hosted our first home party for the Fourth of July, having received our dining room table which seats an additional eight people. I loved the space that each person had. No one searched for a place to sit, as we also acquired a patio table. Twelve seats in a month’s time, makes our home perfect for large family parties. I enjoyed myself, maybe a bit too much, as my husband points out. Labor Day is around the corner. I can make it up then.

At one particular museum trip, my daughter’s received beautiful face painting by Affordable Face Magic in West Palm Beach. The woman did a fantastic job. It dried quickly and didn’t smear until actual water was applied. Their constant desire to bury their face in my chest didn’t faze these designs. By the way, why does it look like we all have a mustache? These photos were taken by the museum itself.

I spent time with my son. My eldest is now a middle schooler. I’m happy and sad all at the same time. This week, he experienced his first real try out. I wanted him to make the flag football team with all of my heart, but knowing he was not someone who spent a lot of time practicing, I wasn’t expecting anything. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. Broke my heart, but I couldn’t show it. We are taking the opportunity to have him practice so that next year or the next season, he can be a stronger candidate.

Personally, this summer has afforded me the opportunity to begin my novel, learning how to write and get paid, learn that I’m more than and can get paid for my work. I’m learning how to break my fear barriers and reach beyond.

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