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My Week in Review {#70DaysofSummer}

I’d like you to welcome my son, Bunny, a newly minted middle school student who loves to write. I figured I’d give him an opportunity here, since I would love to not only tell you about the places from my Bucket List post, but also outline how each day went. Alas, I don’t have time for all of that, I have fun to have and children to raise. He will be contributing to my 70 Days of Summer Series.


Here is Bunny’s first entry on I hope you’ll say hi!

My last week was very nice. We had loads of fun.


On Monday, we played tennis. At the tennis court, we did drills. My sisters picked up all the balls for everyone. Most people got hot and tired. We ended tennis. We also went  swimming. At the swimming pool, me and my sister made big jumps in the pool. My mom gave lessons to everyone. After the pool, my other sister Butterfly had her nap. The day ended, everyone was tired.

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Tuesday, was game night we tried to play monopoly, but Butterfly was tearing it up. Dad  held her back, but she still managed to grab the little houses. So, we tried to play Uno, but Butterfly didn’t want to play.  She kept screaming and crying. It was no fun. We decided to settle butterfly into her bed for her nap. We decided to continue playing. Dad  ended up winning because it put down the wrong card. Hours later we went to bed.


Wednesday, was a “school” day. My moms friend hosted a tutoring camp. The camp was kind of cool. Grandma Dixon taught both me and KK. Miss Dixon taught Bee, Butterfly, and KC. As separate classes, we started to join at some points, like, recess. After camp, we settled into bed.


Thursday was a great day. We had a picnic, and played at Haverhill Park. We used the swings and played dragons. Then, we went to the bowling alley. We had lot of fun and I used heavy balls. They were hard to manage.When we played at first, I didn’t do well but then, I started to get strikes.


Friday was a boring day. We didn’t do much. I played outside with my friends, but that was it. We were done with the day, I went to sleep.


Saturday was a cleaning day. I did a lot of cleaning. My sisters were gone. They were at grandma’s house. I had to go with my parents to another bowling alley. We ate pizza and talked. Dad won the whole thing.


Sunday was a church day. At church, we studied the book of Ephesians. We learned that we are paintings of God. After church, I was tired. I went to TenMarks (find my moms review here) to practice math, then practiced piano. I ended the day with a high note.



I hope you enjoyed his first article.

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