A few weeks ago, I went to a financial literacy program. Let me rephrase. I helped organize and run the National Coalition of 100 Black Women’s Inaugural My Sister’s Keeper Economic Empowerment Luncheon. That’s a mouthful. The program informed attendees of various tidbits of information, many that I was not aware of. The event seemed to be beneficial to all those who came and I just wanted to share those tidbits with you. Since I was partially running the program, I was quite busy, so please consult your financial advisor for more details.

Prudential ~ Insure the SAHM!

Remember that study that comes out every year that puts a price on everything a stay at home mother does? If you were to lose your spouse, that figure changes from theoretical to actual, and you will be expected to pay for that immediately.

Wouldn’t I love this paycheck?

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Morgan Stanley ~ Be Honest

As much as you want to fib to your finance guy, it doesn’t do anyone any good. Progress only comes when you tell the truth, so they can help you with your current circumstances, not fictitious ones.

“If at first you don’t succeed, follow what your financial planner said in the first place.”

Each of us earns a social security benefit. After ten years, you can claim your spouse’s benefit, with or without their knowledge. Multiple exes can claim the benefit.

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Northwestern Mutual ~ Don’t Underestimate Retirement

With people living longer by taking care of themselves and help of medicine, you have to take a serious look at your retirement age and how long you will live thereafter. Retiring at 65 may mean 20 YEARS of managing retirement finances.

HBW Insurance ~ Claim Life Insurance before Death

Did you know that there’s a life insurance benefit that you can claim before death? Neither did I. He didn’t go into detail, so all I can say is ask your financial advisor.


Allstate ~ Get a Joint IRA

A joint IRA allows you to pass along your income to your spouse. I didn’t know joint IRA’s existed, so I’m going to look into this immediately.


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