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Sleep Better, Increase Focus and Get Healthy #Ryte Now {#Giveaway}

Disclosure: I received the product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

My days start pretty typical for a mother… a daughter crying down the hall from her crib, demanding that she needs to be picked up so she can move around. Better yet, the other daughter climbing into your bed over you, of course, because using the opening at the bottom of the bed is just too much to ask for. Then the day gets going because either way, I’m fully awake.

Between housework, child rearing and any other tasks, I spend most days in a daze, a fog, not really knowing what day it is, and going through the motions because you lack clarity from the lack of sleep. No amount of coffee really does the trick, it only allows you to operate and make it through the day.

Why not try a program that will help you sleep well and be fully awake during the day?

Ryte has developed a system that will help you PERK up, FUEL your system, and REJUVENATE your body!

Ryte Perk

I started each day with a single-serve sachet of Ryte Perk and a very small meal. Ryte Perk was effective as a cup of coffee, and lasted twice as long. I felt awake and alert. I looked forward to taking Ryte Perk every morning, but I will also tell you why I found it less and less necessary as I tried the rest of their products, below.

More information about Ryte Perk:

Using a three capsule system, Ryte Perk is formulated to give you a boost of energy, suppress your appetite, enhance your mood, and give you the little extra perk you need to get through the day! These high quality ingredients have been shown to work extremely well alone, but even better when combined together. Throw in some exercise and activity, and they are even more powerful!


Ryte Fuel

No ordinary shake, Ryte Fuel is a potent snack, that’s filling and effective. I tried the shake first with whole milk, since that is the family favorite in our house. Then, I tried it with soy milk which was left over from my cousin’s visit. Finally, I tried it with water.

Not only did the taste hold up well with all three mixers, I decided I could do without the extra calories and drank Ryte Fuel with water alone. They also provide some great recipes so that you can substitute it for your daily smoothie. Since I’m not a banana lover, I opted to try the Mango-Pineapple smoothie.

1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango
1/2 cup fresh or frozen pineapple
3/4 cup of water or milk (almond, rice, coconut, etc.)
1 packet of Ryte Fuel

This smoothie was great, sweet and tangy with the creaminess from the Ryte Fuel, it was a great option for a morning meal.

Ryte Fuel, is the ultimate clean protein shake, only contains the highest quality ingredients. Blended with fruit, greens, or your other favorite healthy mix, Ryte Fuel is great as a meal replacement, or by itself as either a nicely timed healthy snack, or post-workout recovery drink.

Ryte Rejuv

Ryte Rejuv made me fall in love with sleep again. Having two toddlers in the house, neither who sleeps through the night, I may be in bed for 6-8 hours but would be willing to bet that I only sleep about 4. When Butterfly cries, even if I don’t get her and she falls back to sleep within minutes, I’m fully awake, with my thoughts racing through my mind as they had done hours before when I laid down. As I mentioned before, Bee climbs over me… every single night, and if I bother to put her back in her bed, she’ll be back in ours within the hour. Again, each extra movement wakes me up fully, having to put myself back to sleep.

I have tried using Tylenol PM thinking that if my muscles were more relaxed after a CrossFit class, I would be able to sleep better. I’ve tried over the counter sleep medications, yet I may sleep through the cries, I don’t sleep through the climbs. I also spend my mornings dragging, lagging until the coffee kicks in.

I was most excited to try Ryte Rejuv. I need real sleep, and I’m tired of being just tired.

I have to say “Oh My Goodness”! This is everything I need in a sleep aid. Not only did it help me go to sleep easily, I could hear Butterfly crying, assess her cry, then fall gently back to sleep myself. Waking up was a breeze too. No drowsiness, or lull, no dragging. I had the standard immediate fogginess, but once I was out of my bed, I was good to go, no rush to get coffee or quite frankly food. On multiple days, I realized it was nearly 10 a.m (when I’m out of bed by 7, and had not eaten).

Ryte Rejuv is just the best ~ hands down my favorite product to review.

Ryte Rejuv is the perfect way to complete your day. As the name suggests, take your three Ryte Rejuv capsules in the evening to rejuvenate yourself and prepare for tomorrow! Designed to give your body the chance to rest, relax, recharge and rejuv!

Used together these three products helped get me through this week. My whirlwind week of hosting a luncheon for 200, recording a podcast and hosting an alumni happy hour all in the same week, had me wiped. Every night this week, I not only got home after 10 p.m., I didn’t go to sleep after midnight! I also managed to make it to CrossFit FOUR times this week too! I can pretty much say that if it were not for these products, I would’ve been in a daze. Instead I was not only awake, but ready for each of the events.

These three products: Ryte Perk, Ryte Fuel and Ryte Rejuv comes in a wonderful pack called the Ryte Mojo Pack to get your mojo back! So get yours today, get one two or all three!

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