10 Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

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10 Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

Mother’s Day can a joy because it is the one day of the year that we are recognized just for being one thing – mom. We are shown appreciation in many forms such as brunch, breakfast in bed, flowers, and many more ideas listed on the most recent “What Moms Want” list provided by the company trying to sell you something.

Although there are moms who want gifts that cost money, many also want things that are free (or inexpensive). Here are just a few last minute Mother’s Day ideas that would bring joy to moms everywhere this upcoming Sunday.

10 Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

1. Sleep In

Oh, the glorious days of sleeping in have long passed for a mom. Whether or not, we actually get up in the morning, we still hear every. little. noise. in the house. Sleeping in is more than just not being jumped on my a loving child or dad shhushing in the background, but also actual quiet. We would love if you would find some place to go in the morning, like an early morning park trip. Just leave mom a note next to her phone to let her know to shout out when she’s up.

2. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast tends to be a regular appearance on these lists, but I want to expand the scope of this request. I would love for it not just to be breakfast, but every meal of the day. One day where someone else cooks everything. Don’t assume you know what mom wants, feel free to give her menu choices and some time. Maybe even plan a little bit and ask her the night before so that you can be ready the next day.  A mimosa or bellini is also a great way to make breakfast a little special for the woman in your life.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Menu PDF
Mother's Day Menu - seafood
Seafood Inspired Mother’s Day Menu | PDF
Old English Inspired Mother’s Day Menu | PDF

Taking her out to a nice restaurant can be nice, but it can also be costly and busy. A common alternative is to take mom out for breakfast. Nothing says “I love you” like paying to be treated like cattle. If you do want to take mom out, find a reservation only place and be on time so you can easily sit down, enjoy your meal without the hassle of waiting or having a bunch of little kids around your feel.

Eating at home can be worth it if you take into consideration #4 below.

3. Eating a complete meal

Mother’s Day is the one day that I would also not like not to share the food on my plate with anyone.  I also would like for everyone else to be fed without the help of mom. Whether at home or out, I want to be able to enjoy every aspect of my meal without splitting it with a child or having to feed them their meal. Oh, and this counts for all three meals of the day, and any snacks in which may have been purchased “just for me”.

4. A Clean Kitchen

I’d like to also include the clean kitchen afterward. No dishes for mom to do when she does get up in the morning (or the next day). Let me also add that goes for every meal made this day. Mom would like the kitchen clean… not sorta clean, not mostly clean, but ALL of the dishes washed and put away. When she wakes up on Monday morning, her first assignment should not be to clean up from the day before.

5. A Clean House

A great gift would for mom would be a clean house, every room, ALL of the rooms, so she can feel like the rest of the year hasn’t been in vain. When mom spends most of her time picking up after everyone, it would be nice that one day she could saunter through her own home and not see anything out of place. This includes her room too. Take out all of the toys, clothes or other junk that’s cluttering up the corners of her room.

6. Gifts from Children and Partners

I love it when a gift has been thought out, not just from my spouse, but from my children. Take the time to find out what mom would like, and give it to her. Homemade cards are wonderful, but so is a piece of personalized jewelry that includes all of her children or representation of them, like this homemade bird’s nest necklace:

Bird's Nest Necklace

Green for Bunny, his place at the top since he is the oldest. To the right, in white, is Alexander, my son in heaven. Next is Bee, my girly girl all in pink, as she is next in line. Finally, is my Butterfly is light blue.

7. Intimate Time with Her Partner

I know the guys are getting excited about this one. Please note that this may or may not include sex. Intimate time may be cuddling, a foot rub, or a couple’s bath, but it could be a great romp in the bedroom. For this one, you’ll have to ask her to find out what makes your woman happy.

8. Listening Children

Well, maybe obedient… ALL. DAY. LONG. No whining, complaining or ignoring. A day when mom can say “Jump” and everyone responds with “How high?” instead of the typical responses of:

“In a minute.”
“But mom”
or my favorite as Bunny gets a little older – pure silence and pretending I didn’t say anything.

We don’t want to have to ask twice or to “remind” you that you were doing something. Please note, I’d be happy to utilize a bell to make sure that I’m not ignored

9. A Quiet House

“Quiet” may or may not mean total silence, that really depends on each mother. What I’m sure all moms will appreciate is that it definitely means NO fighting, arguing or complaining. It also means that your television or computer isn’t louder than mine. You may, however, cuddle up with me and watch something I want to see.

10. No errands

I get it, you forgot something for Mother’s Day, but you have to remember, it’s OUR day. Don’t ask us to run to store to pick something up or the alternative, watch the kids while you go pick it up. Take the kids, give us the break. Or if you don’t think that’s the best plan, we can “run errands” without the kids the entire Father’s Day.

Bonus: Getting an Uninterrupted Bathroom/Shower Break

This bonus is one that you could give us regularly… time to go to the bathroom or take a shower without a little one knocking on the door, busting in or in other ways trying to get in on our time in the bathroom. For those stay at home moms, many of us contend that we don’t even get a shower daily. For real, that would be super nice!

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