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CrossFit is too expensive huh? A CrossFit membership can be anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars a month.

Yep that much money. Let it sink in.

Having gone to multiple CrossFit gyms, believe me my mind was right there with you.

Where in the heck am I going to get up to $200 a month to go to the gym.

Yet after going this last month, I totally think it’s worth it and let me tell you why.



This post is for people like me.

I’m someone who needs a little push to get going, and loves to workout with friends. This post is also for those who have hired a trainer and not being able to afford a trainer is what’s holding you up.

CF Fees and the Workout


Let’s break down the fees:

On average, CrossFit costs about $150 to join. You may or may not have an initiation fee with a CrossFit, although I have not seen one.

On average, other gyms require an initiation fee of up to $99 (or as low as FREE on a promotion) and monthly fees cost from $10 to $50 a month.

I know you can do basic math. After one month, you’re pretty much even. But remember, this post is for people like me. I’m not stopping at just basic membership. I’m getting a personal trainer.

From my recollection, a personal trainer has cost from $25 to $50 an hour depending on how long you decide to commit. In general, two sessions won’t cut it, so you’re looking at at least eight (for a month). That’s the low end, so you’re looking at an extra $400 by the end of month ONE. I’ll even do this math with the lower amount $200 by the end of month ONE.

Here we stand: CrossFit: $150, Gym: $350. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

But wait, your trainer is only a couple of times a week and with your busy schedule, you pretty much only make it into the gym on those two days. Occasionally you can get a third, and on the really great weeks, you can get a fourth.

One month isn’t enough for the results that you want to achieve.

Let’s think realistically. Three months, you’ll get the entire gist of what your trainer will do for you and you’re completely ready to tackle it on your own.

By the end of three months, you’ve spent $750. We’re talking low-end. It could easily be over $1000. It’s ridiculous!

At CrossFit, $750 gets you about 5 months!

Not definitive proof that you should consider CrossFit, but keep reading.

The Workout

Results Centered

CrossFit is centered on the idea that there’s a “Workout of the Day”. It’s a workout that everyone in the gym does that day. The times or totals are written on a public board. Everyone can see everyone’s results. If you are competitive by any nature, knowing how everyone else stacks up is helpful to see where you “should” be. Since I’m new, I put my self at the top of the bottom third (I know, a little complicated) as my goal. Hopefully soon, I will push myself to be at the halfway point.

The gym is centered on the idea that you come in on your own time and just get it done. If, for some reason, you don’t “get it done”, they are quick to upsell you the ability to purchase sessions with a personal trainer. One gym boasts:

5 Reasons to have a Personal Trainer

  • Mix It Up with Cross Training. Trainers use a variety of effective workouts based upon your specific goals
  • Teaching vs. Showing. Instead of only showing you how to use exercise machines, a trainer will teach you principles of exercise that will stay with you for the rest of your life
  • Set-A-Pace.Through professional guidance, trainers will teach you what pace and intensity level is required to get into great shape
  • Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths.Trainers have the opportunity to see where your weaknesses and strengths are, to develop a program specific to your needs
  • Accountability.Trainers provide necessary accountability and motivation to maximize results

I agree! 

Personal Trainer-like Atmosphere

That’s why I’ve paid for SO many personal training sessions and invested in myself.

That’s also why I can’t go back, at least not right now.

With CrossFit, I can get that experience every day of the week!

The trainer at CrossFit BGI is looking over me at every step, pushing me harder and keeping me accountable for all of my actions.

“You Do Your Best You, April”

You just can’t walk into a CrossFit gym and not push yourself.

Last week, I went to the gym with my friend, who had not only regularly works out, but works out with a trainer. I allowed her to guide me through the workout process and see if she’s learned something that I didn’t. Although we did a lot of things, I can’t say I pushed myself.

On the first day, we did an arm workout. Three quarters of the workout focused on triceps, one quarter on biceps. On the second day, we did a leg workout.

Besides my triceps burning for three days, I felt nothing throughout my body. Since I had always known her to workout, I was somewhat disappointed that we never lifted more than 10 pounds, most of the time using 5 pound weights. The push-ups weren’t even girl push-ups, they were kneeling women’s push-ups.

I don’t know if it was the competitive spirit in me, but after working out for most of our adult life, I thought she would be at the point of doing men’s push-ups, and possibly enough for a dozen or so. In our series, I did 10 men’s and 20 women’s push-ups, while all of hers were modified. I also thought she would be lifting heavier weight, not doing the minimum.

Getting the Most out of Each Workout

I point this out to say that the way the CrossFit program works, the trainer would limit allowing you to do less than your capability, allowing for injuries, excess weight or other problems you may have. You get guided workouts will you go in and actually get a work out where you are strengthening, toning and conditioning your body.

Cardio consists of three to five minutes of running, rowing, jump rope and jumping jacks ~ not twenty minutes of it. After going last week, I remembered how much I hated just running, stepping or cycling for “warm up” cardio.

A lot of the CrossFit workouts utilize your own body weight, not requiring you to lift heavy weights to see and feel results.

Because of its trainer-like atmosphere, you will learn new techniques and workout new muscle groups that you probably never even considered to help you get stronger. They will make sure that you do every exercise correctly to avoid injury. As someone with bad knees, strained from former volleyball playing, I occasionally get strong pangs in my knees. It certainly doesn’t help that I have gained so much weight over the years. But with guidance from the trainer, I have no knee pain. If any exercise even starts showing any kind of pain, it’s modified so that I can complete the exercise and learn to get to the level of others.


Ultimately, what I feel is the biggest strength of CrossFit is that they are results-oriented. There is not ONE person in that gym that doesn’t have a story to tell about the progress that they’ve made since they arrived.

Overall, if you are self-motivated, you can do well with a regular gym and it can be cost-effective with promotions. If not, check out your local CrossFit, even through Groupon. Each CrossFit is different, so check out a couple in your area if you can.

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