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Since the last #1000Speak post, I thought about a time that I was an aggressor.

1000Speak - Voices Are Strong


When I played volleyball, either my junior or senior year, our coach allowed a junior varsity player to play on the varsity team. I’ll be blunt. She sucked. At the varsity level, you have certain expectations of teammates, one of which was being able to serve the ball overhand. She couldn’t. Really, she couldn’t play.

Why was she on varsity? Because she worked her butt off.

But we didn’t understand. Our childlike minds were angry that we had her on our team instead of someone better.

We would make comments to her, which weren’t nice. I can’t remember what we said.

Our coach abruptly stopped us when he told us in no uncertain terms that we were to question his decision to put her on the team, and that any words must be kind or unspoken.

This speech was one that adjusted not only our words, but our hearts. She was part of our team. Let me repeat that. She was a part of our team. She wasn’t an outsider (not to say that would’ve been ok). She was a part of us and if we hurt her, we hurt us.

Can I tell you a secret?

When you hurt someone else, you hurt yourself.

We are connected, in one way or another. Even driving down the street, when one car drives recklessly, it leaves the rest of us to make different decisions to avoid accidents. The reckless driver can also cause everyone else to get angry which as we know is contagious.

Can I tell you another secret? 

We can all make the change to be better people.

You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World - Mahatma Gandhi

This #1000Speak crowd does not see the world as others do. The creators believe that a few, 1000, can start a movement that will change the world.

Three more secrets to changing the world:

You only have to be yourself. Most people who have changed the world were ordinary. Gandhi, King, Tubman, and Washington were all people who wanted to see a difference. They often were the one person ready to step out in front of the crowd and be the face of the cause. They were still just one person… one person who got together with another one person… and so on to become a great group of voices.

These people know that there is a price to be paid to do things differently. Sometimes, speaking up opens you up to ridicule, like the cause that we’re discussing here – bullying. Other times, the price is friends, careers, and even family.

These people who have people. They are not alone. That is what #1000Speak is about… coming together and making our individual small voices, one large roar. We are not alone, because we have each other to make this change.


By the way, years later, with the invention of Facebook, I did apologize and she’s super successful and beautiful.

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This post was partially inspired by the series Transformers: Age of Illumination by Pastor Todd Mullins

References: Acts 1:8, Acts 17, Romans 12:2, Romans 4:13

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