Motherhood Parenthood is hard. I don’t need to tell you that… there are countless articles, hilarious rants and thought-provoking blog posts on the subject. Just as frequently, we hear about mothers, specifically, feeling alone in their struggle, like there’s no one around to help, understand or support.

It’s not supposed to be that way. You can’t win alone.

We were not made alone. There’s the saying… “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Who's In Your Corner

Where’s your village?

Unfortunately, we aren’t born into villages, but into a society who seems to trumpet women who manage to work and run a household on their own, churning out Ivy League college graduates with a spic and span home. Wait for it, all while being happy, getting enough sleep and Don’t get me wrong, I give these women MAJOR props.

Yet, for the majority of our us, this is a hurdle that we can’t overcome on our own, unless we have to.

From being the best mommy we can be to accomplishing our goals, we have to have people in our corner.

The Right Team will Take You Higher Than You Can Go Alone

I have this friend, whom I miss dearly (she lives 4,000 miles away), who used to say,

“Hey, April, let’s go for a run.”

I am not a runner. She was a runner. But she also knew me enough to not ask me if I wanted to go, because she knew that the answer would be “NO”. She also knew that running would only make me better for our sports teams, volleyball, basketball and track. I could only be a better competitor.

She also was a better and faster runner and she would often jog in place to wait for me and cheer me on. She never made me feel bad that I couldn’t run faster, or for longer. I was the short distance runner. Anything under 200 yards, I could beat her all day long. Make it 400, and I was struggling. She knew that. She supported me and made me a better athlete.

Who is that person in your life? Who’s pushing you to the next level? Who’s lifting you up to a better place?

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The Right Team will Make You Better Than You Can Go Alone

Weight loss is a struggle for many people. I know one company that’s doing a great job of campaigning to use their services. Now, I don’t know what they’ve done these past couple of years versus their entire history, but if I lost five pounds for every person who mentioned trying this company, I wouldn’t have any weight left to lose! This company is:

Weight Watchers

I signed up for Weight Watchers YEARS ago. The accountability is untouchable. Weekly, semi-public, weigh-ins are worth the investment for a lot a people.

Who’s keep you accountable for your goals? Who is there to keep you on track and make sure that you are not staying stuck?

Don’t get me wrong… there will be slips and falls, commitments and recommitments. But you can do it! We all can with the right team.

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This post is inspired by The Contender, Part 4 at Christ Fellowship led by Pastor Todd Mullins.

References: 1 Tim 6:12, 1 Sam 14, Prov 12:26, 13:20, Heb 10