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Blogging has opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences and people. Most of all, I felt inadequate. I know this was my own insecurity, but I’m a stay at home of three and could barely put in an hour on my blog, if I was lucky.

The question I have always asked these other people – to the voice in my head –

How do you get all of it done?

Not Enough Time2

Some people have out of the home jobs, others ran virtual assistant jobs or graphic design and I’m lucky if I can put up two posts.

Then, I found this series Losing the Cape after seeing it on my amazing friend’s Janine’s blog. I was happy to hear her voice and her story.

Not to say that I don’t still feel like they manage to get more accomplished in a day, I’m comforted by understanding them.  Find out what I have to say on my first podcast!


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