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Be Ready for the Opportunity

As we grow up, learn, and work to succeed, we realize there are a lot of things that we could of done differently.

Some would call this regret.

I don’t like regret. In my mind, regret means that you wish you did things differently. For me, the problem with wishing things were different means that the good things that you have now may go away, not just the bad.

Yet, with all of the regrets that we have, how can we minimize them in the future?

In short, you must put yourself in the right position.

What is it that you want for your future? Do you want a family? A career? A business? A better relationship? Be in better shape?

It’s time to start taking yourself seriously and know that there’s no day like today!

I must prepare myself

I am part of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, first in the Orange County, California chapter, now in the West Palm Beach, Florida chapter.

While in the Orange County chapter, I was part of our program, Creating Wealthy Women, the foundation for the business that I’d like to create.  In this school year long program, we took high school girls and talked to them about college, jobs and their future. Our President, Lori Anne Hayes, chose this as our mantra:

I must prepare myself to be ready for the opportunity when it presents itself. ~Lori Anne Hayes 
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Athletes, some of the highest paid talent, spend hours working on their skill. Basketball is made up of three major offensive components, shooting, ball handling and running. Yet, basketball players will spend hours shooting free throws just in case they have to shoot a free throw. It’s the one place there is no opposition to the shot, which means it’s the only shot they can plan and practice exactly the way it would be in the game. Free throws are not even a guaranteed part of each players game. The players most likely to have to shoot free throws are the players that are not good at them because the other team knows that the person hasn’t practiced the skill.

Opportunities are all around us. It’s up to us to practice, to get ready, to prepare and plan. Whether it’s a better job or the perfect partner, they are out there! But have you moved to position yourself to receive it?

If the perfect man came up to you, would your heart be open enough to love him?

If the perfect job found you on LinkedIn, would you be able to say “YES” today? or would you have to get some more training, prepare more, learn something before being confident enough to accept the position?

Even in this time of tight budgets and ever increasing costs, sometimes you’ll have to spend a little to gain a lot or you’ll have to do a lot of free work. You just have to consider what you’ll gain in exchange for your time or money… because remember time is money.

You may have regrets in your past, but don’t regret your future.
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Thank you to Lisa from The Golden Spoons, who challenged myself and other bloggers at the start of 2015 to The 1 Word Challenge.  This weeks words were: Paradise, Alone, Regret.


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