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When I think of the term “Epic Fail”, I think of a new sprung industry of nonsense.

At first, there were interesting pictures of a night of cooking gone awry to burning down a house… then it turned to a constant barrage of fixing grammar and random accidents.


Granted I can be a grammar queen and I fix the word in my head… but I am too busy to tell YOU that you got it wrong! I’m MOTHERING! 🙂

epic_fail_ brown

Are we saying that all black people look alike? Yes, unfortunately the rapist looks somewhat like the news anchor, but what’s the choice? Don’t announce that there is a rapist because he MIGHT look like the anchor?

Overall, as a mom, I get a lot of #EpicFails with moms missing pickups or not cooking dinner.

If that’s the truth, then what? Almost every night is an #EpicFail in my house.

Of course, there’s the series of Epic Fails that include nude or nearly nude pictures of the mothers. I’ll admit it, I barely want to see myself nude, so I’m SURE you don’t want to. Thankfully, I can honestly say, that will never be an #EpicFail of mine.

Somehow, this has spawned a complete industry of Epic Fail websites… boasting the best fails of mothering, friendship or Chuck Norris complaining of gas prices:

You know, because Chuck Norris really posed for this ad, right?

And of course, stupidity is also an Epic Fail:

I got it… some people are really, really stupid… and other people are on a game show with MILLIONS of eyes on them and just not thinking straight. I’ll chalk this up to nerves.

I have not jumped on the Epic Fail bandwagon, mainly because, as with most trends, only few are worth this busy mommy’s time! 🙂


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