My word of the year for 2014 was “Consistency”. In previous years, I had started some series and posts, but by the end of the year, I felt incomplete. I felt like I hadn’t really pushed myself to make the most out of my little space.

Consistent DefinitionI think I accomplished this. I post regularly and I have tripled my regular readership.

Last year, I posted a lengthy list of goals… and updated them here. But this year, I’m going to take a different tactic. My word of the year will be a phrase and my goals will just fall into line.


The primary reason I have not hit more of my goals is that I like to be comfortable… we all do, right? I like to sit and watch television… I like to sleep when I get a chance… I like to just “do me”… whatever that is.


Yet, I find a piece of me missing. I used to be ambitious and a goal COMPLETER, instead of just a goal SETTER. So, this year, I will BE UNCOMFORTABLE. Spend an extra five minutes cleaning, stay awake while reading a book, make an extra craft with my children and run a little farther. I have a list of specific goals, but overall, I just want to do more… live a little more… feel a little more accomplished.

What about you?

All of that said, I’ve had a fairly successful 2014 and here are the top posts of the year, in case you missed any of them!

Top Posts of 2014

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Tell me about you! How was last year for you? Did you choose a word of the year? Did it help? Do you feel like you need an extra push?