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One Hoolie Mama
Suzanna from One Hoolie Mama is a blog that I’ve visited from time to time. I first had to figure out what was a “hoolie” means! I found it was short for hooligans! Too cute. Then I found out all about her family, fur and non alike. So, this week, we exchanged questions and amazingly she managed to ask some basics that I don’t think I’ve answered before. Here we go!
1) What has been the best part of being a stay-at-home mom? I love spending time with my kiddos… relaxed, snuggle time. I also have control over how much television they watch and what they’re learning. I’m also a LOT less stressed.
2) What has been your biggest challenge thus far in your weight loss journey? Consistency… my word of the year. I can do it for a while, but continuing is always my problem. I’m patting myself on the back because I’ve been consistent since June. I’ve lost 28 pounds over the summer, the bulk in the last month using Personal Trainer Food.
3) What part of your journey that started off challenging now comes as second nature to you?  Have you fallen in love with cardio or meal planning or something completely different? Nothing really. I’ve always like veggies and the types of workouts that I like are the same. Making sure that I eat well, everyday is a challenge. With the kids, it’s so easy to grab a piece of candy or animal crackers. Or grab a drink with dinner with friends. I’m a team-player, and and as an adult, I’m pretty alone or the team captain. I don’t mind being the captain, but I need a captain myself sometimes.
4) What is your favorite part of blogging? Being able to be “me”. I feel like I have to put on a facade or a happy face in my life. The problem is that happiness doesn’t really come naturally to me. Sometimes a smile brightens my mood, but other times, it masks my pain.
5) What is your favorite food or drink? Really depends on my mood, but I’ll say steak. My husband makes the best steak on the grill and there’s really nothing better.
6) What is your favorite month of the year and why? Probably October. I love fall, the cooler air, the falling leaves, the impending holidays. It’s the beginning of my favorite season.
7) If your funds were unlimited, where would you take your family on vacation? A European tour. I would probably hit up every country and take a look at their history, their cultures and their foods!
8) What is your favorite form of social media and why? I’m the most consistent with using Twitter and Facebook. I guess I like Facebook the most for personal reasons. For the blog, I get the most play from Pinterest… plus I don’t have to hold conversations, which with two little ones is often hard.
9) What has been easier for you so far – raising a boy or a girl? My son by far… shopping is super easy, there isn’t much variety and I hate shopping. He plays well by himself. The girls “want” me a lot more, I need to be integral in their play. It’s sometimes exhausting. Plus for girls there are so many different shopping choices from clothes to toys, that they always want something!
10) Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 5 years? Debt paid off, my girls in school, me with a part time job, hopefully with a non-profit ~ either one I started or one of the many that I’m involved with. I want my husband and I to be closer than ever and my faith stronger.


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