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A couple of weeks have passed since my last #AskAwayFriday. This school year has been great for my son, but taxing on me. My son is now in school 2-3 days a week from 8:45 to 5:00. He’s in a several clubs after school, so I have the two LOs all day. Having my son around means that I can get a break as he entertains both of the girls. I haven’t had that, since he has chores after school, then dinner, then bedtime. The process for putting my daughters to sleep starts at 9, but often doesn’t end until 10. Quite honestly, after all of that, the last thing I want to do is blog. Feel free to leave me any comments on how to cope with this schedule, it would be greatly appreciated.

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…on to #AskAwayFriday…

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…
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This week, Jenessa from Mothering {in Real Life} hits me with some hard questions. As a wife and mother of three, she has a lot of experience where I’m just learning. She delves into detail about her children, her marriage and her bouts of depression. She keeps things real. Make sure you check out her responses to my questions.

Jenessa AAF

1) Tell me some random facts about yourself, that you haven’t shared on the blog before. I’m right-handed. I don’t like mushy foods like peas or bananas. I loved school, but hated taking tests, even though I would get an A on most of them. Does three constitute some?

2) What are each of your children’s favorite: movie, tv show, food, book, color, article of clothing. Bad mommy! I have no idea for most of these. I know Bee loves Frozen, Cinderella AND Ariel. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite article of clothing is the Cinderella dress I bought her from Costco. I know Bunny loves to draw and Minecraft. His favorite color is green. He loves Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton books. Butterfly is too young for any favorites yet.
Cinderella 1
3) What fall season premieres or new shows are you looking forward to? So many! This fall lineup looks awesome! Thursday nights will be dedicated to ABC with Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I’m looking forward to the Gotham, Black-ish, Forever, Gracepoint, Stalkers, Madam Secretary, The Mindy Project. Seriously, I can go on! I’m a bit of a TV-aholic!
4) What advice would you give to someone starting on a weight loss journey? Take it slow. Find something you know you can conquer. Those small victories will encourage you to keep going. If you’re addicted to soda, but you’re sure you can kick it, do it! You’ll feel great when it you conquer the first thing, then move on to the next! And remember, you didn’t gain the weight over night (at least most of us), don’t expect to take it off overnight. Two pounds per week is reasonable, and that’s likely still faster than you put it on.
5) You have been through some rough times in your life. What is something that helps you get through those hard times? God, my husband and my kids. A church service, a bible study or self-study can really put things into perspective. A hug from my family really can change my mood. A drink or two is helpful too!
6) Name 5 things you love about your husband and 5 quirks he has that drive you crazy. Five? Oh goodness.
  • Kindness,
  • Willingness to accept me as I am,
  • Willingness to clean if I haven’t,
  • Strength, and
  • Love for his kids.

Drive me crazy, his:

  • Ability to only think about him,
  • One-track mind,
  • Indecisiveness,
  • Lack of desire to change, and
  • Lack of willingness to break the speed limit.
7) I dare you to post a picture of the messiest room in your house – without cleaning it up first! I don’t really have messy rooms. I have messy areas. This is my side of my bedroom. The rest of the room is clean.
8) What are your favorite blog resources or websites? SITS Girls, Blogelina
9) Describe a typical day at your house. Right now, it mainly consists of me trying to figure out how to put down Butterfly long enough to get anything done without screams and fits of tears.
We wake up (all in my bed because my bed seems to be everyone’s favorite spot). I spend about 20 minutes trying to wake up, because I’ve been awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Then I feed the girls breakfast, which Butterfly promptly refuses to eat, and sits in her chair screaming as I try to make Bee the rest of her breakfast. Then I turn on some educational television, of which Butterfly enjoys on my lap and Bee watches while she eats. Then, lately, I’ve been trying a more educational approach all around, so we are learning the calendar, how to write, numbers from 11-20, and sight words. Around 10, I try to put Butterfly down for her nap by nursing her to sleep, just to have Bee wake her up as soon as I put her in her bed. Then, an hour to two of fussing, whining and crying until lunch, which Butterfly WILL eat on her own. Then, I nurse her to sleep for her nap, which she can sleep up to two hours, if Bee doesn’t also wake her up from that nap. I play games with Bee, until Butterfly wakes up. Snack time for both girls, then movie/fun tv time ~ normally Netflix or something on Demand. If I can get Butterfly to play, I’ll start dinner. Otherwise, I wait until I get my son. He comes home, plays the piano, does his chore, then he’ll watch the girls while I start dinner. THANK GOD for no homework!
Hubby comes home around 6:30 or 7, then we eat, he bathes the kids, and then the bedtime ritual begins. Read a book, Butterfly nurses, Bee is patted on the back on my husband’s lap. Butterfly lays down in her bed, and it’s normally about 9-9:30. I’m exhausted, enjoy a glass of wine, watch something on the DVR, go to sleep and start all over again!
10) Tell a funny story from your childhood. If any friends or family read this, feel free to pipe up, because I can’t think of one. My childhood wasn’t fun or funny.
That’s it for this week’s #AskAwayFriday… check out the other posts, and of course, Jenessa’s!

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