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Weekly ProgressI have finally taken my Walkadoo and done some REAL walking! I’ve hit my goal every day this week but yesterday. What I am loving about my Pebble with Walkadoo is that my goal changes each day, and changes based on my walking pattern. I don’t exactly know how they do it, but the first day, the goal was the 10,000 steps, which I found was a LOT for me! LOL! Then it slowly adjusted down to about 400. Yep, I was only walking 400 steps in a day. Then meeting the goal started meaning something. It meant I was REALLY lazy if I didn’t hit the 400 step goal. At 10,000 it seemed insurmountable, yet at 400, I said I could do it. Each day, it seems that it slowly goes up, which means that at the end of the day, I do a little extra walking even if it’s just in circles around the house. I actually look forward to wearing it everyday! Find out more about Walkadoo here! You can link up more devices to the site! Come join me at Walkadoo!

Now, I didn’t hit my goal yesterday because… well, I don’t have a legit reason. I was tired. It was my son’s first week back at school and my our first week with TWO cars! I thought once both my husband and I had our own cars, it would make life easier. Yet, this week was the roughest week since I became a stay at home mom. My husband is out the door with our son at 8 a.m. My son gets out at 3:30 p.m. whose school is almost 30 minutes away, and they are still working on making sure that the dismissal is smooth, yet hasn’t taken less than 20 minutes to get through the line. The longest wait time was an hour and a half.

What did NOT make it easier was that my daughter had to go to the bathroom on two of the days, which required me to park and get out of the car, then get back in line to pick up my son. One day, I was so lucky that she held it on a third day. We’re finished potty training people!

When all is said and done, I’m alone with two under three for about 11 hours a day, and with the third the last three hours. Needless to say, it’s been a high stress week! Please give me ideas on out to make 11 hours seem fun (for me, not them)!

But I’m so happy to be back here for another week. Come, link up, stay a while and check out some other posts, and make some new friends!


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Welcome to the Week 12 of the Creative Style Linkup! Thank you so much for yet another week of great linkups and the opportunity to connect with more bloggers last week! Pizza favorites were popular this week, and I’m thinking it’s because FOOTBALL Season is almost here!

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