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This is the last week of summer in our household. I’m so excited for the new year (except transportation). My son’s school has a NO HOMEWORK policy! Yippee! Not for him, but for me since I normally review his homework and sometimes we struggle with him actually DOING it. He also has a male teacher… which I think is important because men get boys… they were a boy. The teacher seems like he’ll be nice, but stern. I’ve had so many deadlines this week and so many things that we will be doing in the near future here. No further ado…

…on to #AskAwayFriday…

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…
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This week, I pair up with the saving savvy Sonya K with Saving Everyday with Sonya K. She provides daily coupons and tells you about her shopping spoils! I don’t like to shop, but when I ultimately do, I want it to SAVE! So head on over there. She’s also just a great gal! We decided to theme this post High School since the kids are headed back to school. What was high school left for you?

!1. Let’s start with what years were you in high school? There’s some details I don’t give away on my site and in life. I’m sure I’ve slipped up here and there, but in general, I don’t… that said, it was the 90s.


2. What was your favorite class during high school? French and math. In French, we had to speak French the entire period. I used to sit next to this guy that I liked and translate everything for him. In math, our teacher would only “teach” for about 10 minutes a class and then walk around to see if we had any questions. That was a perfect length of time for me because math came easy. That 10 minute explanation was all I needed. I would be done with my work by 20 after, then could do whatever I wanted the rest of the period, especially talk! 

3. Can you share some of your favorite pictures of you from your high school years? Nope! I don’t have any. I didn’t take many to begin with, but they were lost years ago. I tried to scan the yearbook pictures a while ago, but they come out super grainy. 

4. Did you belong to any clubs during high school? Yep, anything and everything. ASB (Leadership), French Club, Honor Society, Journalism Club (which I don’t even faintly remember but my yearbook begs to differ), Yearbook, Black Students’ Union… I’m sure I’m missing a few, but I can’t recall any more. I haven’t seen my yearbook in years either. For sports, I was on the volleyball, basketball, track and swimming teams.

5. What are three songs that remind you of high school? 

I used to look forward to this song at dances, of which I always coordinated. 
That’s the Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson
I did a school dance to That’s the Way Love Goes, which got us all in trouble. We took off our jersies, but the school didn’t like the allusion to a strip tease, even though we all had shirts underneath and large baggy pants!
Ironic by Alanis Morrisette
This was on repeat for a long time. LOL! It was a super controversial song since most of the things listed weren’t ironic, just would suck if they happened to you! 🙂 

6. How have you changed since your high school days? I’m not as ambitious. I never procrastinated, I never waited. Now, I wait to the last minute for everything and I really do hate it. I also am a lot more secure in myself, and not desperately seeking attention. 

7. I ate a bag of Hot Fries and drank a Hawaiian Punch almost everyday for lunch. What did you eat for lunch on most days? I couldn’t tell you. I was on free lunch for a while. When I got a job, I ate a lot of McDonald’s which was only a block away. Oh, but I was in LOVE with our CHEESE FRIES! Criss-cut fries with that processed cheese poured over it. I think it was $2 of golden deliciousness. I wasn’t that big into soda back then either.

8. How did you get to school each day (school bus, city bus, car, or walked)? It depended. I would take the city bus on days that I went to school “on time”. I often had a zero period or practice before school started. The bus didn’t run any earlier. I would also walk. We lived 2 miles away from school. Rarely, I was driven. Here’s a bit more about my situation in this post

9. What were some of your favorite fashion trends during high school? I wasn’t really into fashion. My wardrobe then is a lot like it is now ~ sweats and a t-shirt. I had sports every day, and depending on when, sometimes multiple times a day (i.e., before and after school). I barely know how to do my hair now and I certainly didn’t back then. So, my hair was always pulled back and I wore whatever I was going to wear to practice to school. The only style I remember was baggy pants, which I didn’t even have. For the dance I mentioned above, I got my baggiest pants which was one size larger, faded and not nearly as cool as the other girls. Luckily that didn’t get me kicked out of the dance.

10. What were three pop culture events that you remember from your high school days? Tupac dying… there was lots of tears. OJ’s car chase. Oklahoma City bombing.  Are those pop culture?

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