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Another week of summer down. Is school back in session yet? When do they go back? Can I drop them off early? Is there a siblings plan for regular school? If you know of any such plans, please let me know ASAP! I have three kids willing to jump right in!

To say the least, it’s been a hard week here in the 100lb Countdown house. Everyone is sick. Last week it was the two oldest children. This week, it was everyone but my son. I haven’t done a full post on it yet, but my Bee doesn’t like sleep and this week has proved it!  Anyway, #AskAwayFriday is here again, a reprieve from the craziness which is my life. So sit back and enjoy!

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…
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This week, I exchange questions with Christy of Uplifting Families. We’ve done it before, so we switched it up by answering the same questions about our spouses! It’s summer and last week, Tamara decided to switch up and ask the hubby’s to answer questions. Well, my husband wouldn’t be down for that unless he was “paid” well. LOL! In other words, we decided to questions about him. Some of these answers I’m sure would make my husband cringe!

Christy ~ take two

1. How long did you date your spouse? Did you actually go on dates? If so, how many? Date? I think we only went on three or four real dates before I got pregnant with D.  However those weren’t back-to-back dates. The first was in July, the second and third in October, and the last was in May the following year. The rest of the relationship was online and over the phone, until the next year (yep, year three of our relationship!). I can’t complain though. We’ve gone on countless dates since we married.

2. What meal does your husband make do you no longer love? I’m not sure my husband makes anything in particular, but my husband’s mom does, since he likes to eat over there every weekend! It’s Bahamian peas and rice. I am not a fan at all. Yet, at every event it’s always made three different ways by three different people and there’s always leftovers that they try to send home with us! But my husband LOVES it! 

3. What do you think of couples’ therapy? I wish we had time. I really think it’s helpful, but with three kids, and him with a full time job, we just don’t have time to commit to going. There’s a bit we need to talk about, which I don’t have have problem doing, but in therapy, there are no interruptions AND I get some alternative prospective instead of silence. I’ve explained before that my husband is very open to receiving criticism, but he’s not an arguer, so I might not hear his response for a day or two. We are constantly working on our communication.

4. What’s the number you’re not sharing? What are you keeping secret, whether it be spending, collections, debt, etc.? Well, there’s *that* number, which will only be in my mind, because hey, we were all 20 once. But now, I think it’s my spending. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend much, but sometimes, I spend where he is unaware of it. I don’t like talking about it because it isn’t a lot. In any given month, it may be $100, but since I don’t have a J-O-B, I feel ashamed spending anything extra. But I got a part-time job ya’ll!

and that’s all that’s important!

5. Whose parents would you rather come live with you in their old age? Why? As sad as some people may think, it would be my in-laws. I think they are more considerate of others in small spaces and not firstly considered about themselves. I also think we’d get dinner cooked very often, between either or both of my in-laws, which means I would cook a lot less. 

6. What’s boring you about your life? Sometimes, the day to day of being a SAHM can get boring, especially when we can’t go out because of rain or lack of car… or when the kids are being so crazy that I can’t get them together to actually get out of the house! Day after day in the house can get really boring really fast, even for a homebody like me! 

7. What’s one thing that you wish you could afford, but can’t? A new car! We’re on one car right now, are borrowing my sister-in-law’s, and have realized how freeing it is to have my husband have his own schedule and me being able to do whatever I want to do! But alas, we have to give the car back when she returns from her vacation, and we’ll go back to one! We need a third row now! Right now, my son fits in between two car seats, but soon, it won’t be easy. Unfortunately, I can’t put the car seats next to each other because Bee with constantly mess with Butterfly. And even though Butterfly is older and does better to stand up for herself, she’s definitely not on even ground.


8. What’s your favorite body part of your spouse? I love my husband’s behind! He’s got a perfectly shaped butt. It’s funny because the butt and the walk are completely passed on to my son. When he gets old enough, plenty of girls are going to love him! 

9. If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? As a SAHM, I would love to send my girls somewhere for a couple of hours twice a week. I could actually things done, especially some blogging. Now that I have a part-time job, I’d like to start working on it before 10 p.m.!

10. What’s the one (doable) thing you wish your spouse would stop doing? I wish he would finesse his solutions to problems. He’s pretty good at finding solutions to the problems that I (or he) presents around the house, but it’s always the quick and dirty solution… there’s no polish, no finesse, nothing that makes it “pretty”! I’m too embarrassed to take a picture, but here’s a fairly accurate drawing. Yep, plain… and well, uneven. It works, but not cool, not cool at all! 

No Good TV Stand

That’s it this week for AAF. If you want to join us, just shoot em a message. If you want to switch with me, just shoot me an email spiritedlife{at}!

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