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My love for volleyball deserves a poem… but I’m not going to torture you this week with one of my lame ones. I even tried looking for a good one for you online, but they were incredibly lame.

I love playing volleyball. I was in the best shape of my life. It is the BEST WORKOUT EVER!

Moving to the side works out your butt and thighs ~ perfect for that great butt. Moving forward and back works on your abs and quads ~ perfect for developing a great core since you need balance to not fall over yourself. Jumping works your obliques, quads, hamstrings and calves ~ slimming out your entire body. Have you ever seen someone who regularly plays volleyball that didn’t look fit? It’s hard to play on a regular basis and NOT get in shape!

So, if I see someone playing, I can’t help but jump in the game, except…

Now that I’m in Florida, ALL of the volleyball courts seem to be beach (i.e., sand) volleyball courts. Do you know how much harder that is?

I found some friends that play volleyball every Sunday, so I try to get out there with them. It’s been good (and hard) for my body. I’m exhausted after every game, but it’s always better than the week before! Then there’s the pesky problem of the SAND!

Sand Everywhere

However, working out once a week won’t get me the body I want ~ although I wish it desperately would. With the two little girls, I can’t just run to the volleyball court any time I want!

So I’m actually doing the 21 Day Fix! With three kids, I need something that will work out my total body, without leaving my home in just a short amount of time. Most of the workouts are only 30 minutes, and the one that’s not, is only 10!

So far, I’m stronger and better, down 10 pounds! I’m slowly inching toward that 200 lb mark. I am working towards a goal of 180 by September 20th, my cousin’s wedding! I’m taking the family back to California and I want to look good when I go. That’s about 10 pounds a month! I can do this, right?

To push myself a little further (and to stay on track with this wonderful summer upon us, I’m starting a DietBet! Please join me! Invite your friends, the more people, the better!



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