Getting Veggies in a Sweet Treat has Never Been Easier {Smoothie King Review and GIveaway}

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wpid-smoothie-king-veggie-blends.jpg.jpegI’ve never had a problem getting my children to eat their vegetables. Their first taste of veggies was right off my stove (into a blender) and into their mouths. I work to make sure that there is a vegetable included in every meal, at least as an option, and no tomato sauce on pizza doesn’t count.

Sometimes, however, we go out to get a sweet treat. As much as I want my kids to get something different than what I provide at home as a “treat”, I’m often disappointed at the selections. I am not diet-crazed or veggie-crazed, it’s just that if I can provide a way for my children to feel that they are getting a treat and still get some nutrition, I feel like I’m doing good as a parent.

There is no dispute that smoothies are all the rage, including homemade ones. Most of us love to pack in the fruits and never consider the vegetables. The calories show too. Although fruits and vegetables are good for you, the sweet of the fruit packs a mighty caloric punch. As an example, one smoothie maker has a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie that is close to 500 calories in the SMALL! They consider it real food nutrition!

Smoothie King Veggie BlendsEnter Smoothie King introducing their new Veggie Blends! They have found the right balance of fruit and vegetables. Utilizing the very delicious and nutritious kale and carrots, each one is delicious, with a little different flavor.

Most of all, my kids finished their own small cups before they wanted anything else! At less than 300 calories each, and the Carrot Kale Dream only at 222 calories, this is a guilt-free snack for all of us!

Each of us naturally gravitated toward our favorite and there were no arguments:

My favorite was the Apple Kiwi Kale… this drink had the perfect combination of tart and sweet. Plus it had one of my favorite fruits: Kiwi!

Bunny’s favorite was the Carrot Kale Dream.

Bee’s favorite was the Berry Carrot Dream. I can’t tell you what she liked best about it, I just know she didn’t want to give it up!

Get your own today! You can get a free Veggie Blends with a coupon from their site or you can win a $10 Gift Certificate below!

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