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For those of you who aren’t familiar with #AskAwayFriday it’s an amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to know them better! We now have four permanent hosts ~ Penny at The Real Housewife of Caroline County, Tiffany at Mrs. Tee – Love, Life, and Laughter, Amber at Bold Fab Mom and Stacey at This Momma’s Ramblings. 10 questions are exchanged and answered on your partners blog, you can get as creative as you want and even get into our purses!

 This is my Week 10 of #AskAwayFriday where I spill my guts to all of you!

Check them all out!

This week, I’m paired up with the strong and wonderful Rea from REALity Bites! As a working mother, Rea seeks to balance her life with her son, husband and her extended family living right next door! She’s open and honest and completely real.

No graphic this week, I’m on a borrowed computer! Love you all!

1. One of my big dreams before I got married was to be a lawyer but haven’t accomplished it because of priorities. What was the hardest thing or situation you went through when you were studying Law? How did you overcome it? Lol! I gave birth to my son in my last year of law school, and my now husband was going to school across the US. To say the least, I had a few challenges. When I found out I was pregnant, I determined to move home and go to law school closer to home. That decision however made my life tough. Coming from a top-tier law school, attendance was not “required”. My new school had an attendance requirement which meant I could only miss two weeks worth of school. So I was back at school 2 weeks after I gave birth. Also moving home and attending this particular law school, my commute was about 70 miles each day each way so it was hard. At the time, many friends admired my hard work. However while going through it, I can’t say that I processed anything that I was doing. I really just kept going. I woke up in the morning and did what I had to do. I didn’t really think about how hard it was, how tired I was, how much of a  strain it was, or anything like that.

2. Moms often talk about kids who aren’t interested in eating veggies. But I myself don’t eat a lot of veggies too. Do you have a particular vegetable that you don’t like? Why? Nope. I have not come across a vegetable that I don’t like. Growing up, I did not like asparagus. However my husband loves asparagus so he actually introduced me to a new way of cooking it. We broil it with butter and lemon. Tastes delicious.  What I realized is a lot of people overcook vegetables or don’t season them. So I just keep trying the vegetables in different ways until i find a way that i like. Also, some need to be cooked and some I prefer raw, like carrots.

3. You’re hosting Countdown in Style and Feature Friday and it’s been great linking up every week. If you are to choose just one blog post from the link up so far, which one struck you the most & why? Unfortunately, since I’ve been without internet, struggling to figure out why I don’t have internet and preparing for a Gala with my non-profit organization, at the time of writing this, I have not looked at this week’s entries. However, I tend to love the ones that are emotional and touching.

4. I learned that you’re a homebody but if you’re given a chance to travel somewhere outside the country with all expenses paid, where would you like to be & why? I’m a homebody for a few reasons: we’re not where I want to be financially and i can stand spending money, I don’t know very many people, my schedule conflicts with a lot of others and I’m lazy. That said, I’d love to go to anywhere that’s modern! First up would be Nice, France. Right on the Mediterranean, it’s beautiful and warm and sunny, and people are laid back.

5. You’re a pro-fitness mom and your drive to live healthy is inspiring. What would you advise teenage girls who are very conscious of their body figure to the point of starving themselves just to look “beautiful” and “sexy”? I’m not sure i would talk much about either of those. I’d talk to them about being good to themselves and keeping themselves healthy. I would reinforce healthy eating since as an adult, a lot of us don’t get a lot of exercise, and if they work on starting good habits now, you won’t worry about them in the future. I don’t think you can give someone self esteem and as a teen, I don’t think you should focus on sex or sexiness. It’s not about ignoring, it’s about redirecting. If their attention is on trying to be healthy, their focus is not on eating poorly.

6. If you can choose where you’d really like to live permanently, would you choose to live some place else or would you rather stay in your current home? Definitely somewhere else, my house is meant to be a stepping stone. I’d love a 4-5 bedroom place with space to entertain. I’d stay in the area if i could never move again, but i have no problem moving across the country at the drop of a hat!

7. What would you like your kids to remember about your home when they grow up? It is a place of love and safety.  I want my children to always feel comfortable sharing their lives with me and my husband.

8. If there’s something you’d like to change about the world, what would it be & why? I don’t think there’s a universal world problem, but I do think there’s a problem here in the states. We’ve begun to chill free speech which is what this country is founded upon. So when someone disagrees with you, they seek to remove the platform instead of discuss the issue. As a lawyer, it’s disheartening to see people personally berated for their opinion. As in, person A says they hate homosexuals, person B talks so much mess to make Person B crawl into a hole. Most people find that to be a good solution, but no one convinced Person B to change his opinion, he just no longer says it out loud, which means he can spread the hatred to whoever will listen. What, as a society,  we should want is to change his mind, then they are helpful to the cause instead of quietly undermining it.

9. You participate in several link ups every week and I’m impressed with your level of engagement. How do you manage your time for blogging with kids around too? This is a funny question.  My link ups take so much of my time, I don’t do at all what I want to do. I’d love to learn more about the people who take the time to link up every week, but only having a desktop (which the Internet isn’t working as I type this on my phone), I don’t spend much time. Right now, most Saturdays I spend a good deal of time trying to touch bases with people. I choose Saturdays because my kids are often with my in laws.

10. This is a real Ms. Universe question: How would you welcome a man who just arrived from the moon when he steps into your home? 🙂  I don’t know! My husband is an aerospace engineer and he works on those engines (or used to). I think I would just ask him if he were hungry or would like a drink. Not sure I would ask much about his trip, unless he wants to talk about it. I’m sure he’d want to spend time with his family who would be more than welcome.

Head over to Rea’s place and find out her answers to my questions!

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