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This one!

FTSF is going to get a taste of my very bad attempt at poetry…

The 80s rocked the world
Left me alone and stranded
A little girl lost
Family was distracted

Through the DecadeIn middle and high school
The 90s brought two siblings
Became an extra hand
School became my living

Y2K was behind us
Graduated with a law degree
Brought home a son and a husband
Lost a son, a depressed me

Now we’re in the 10s.
Our family expanded,
Two daughters, a move
A house enchanted

Love, family and home
We’re finally settled in
A stay at home mom
Making bathroom gin
Now it all begins

**”Bathroom gin” was in the rhyming dictionary for “in”. Almost fit the line…lol.

This has been another edition of Finish the Sentence Friday.

Finish the Sentence Friday

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