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February is American Heart Month. I’m guessing it’s because of Valentine’s Day, it’s a likely bed fellow.ย  Bed fellow? Who am I?

February is Heart MonthAny way, most people focus on heart health and preventable heart diseases, as they should.

There’s another affliction for children that is rarely discussed. Congenital Heart Defects are the most common birth defect, affecting about 1 out of every 110 births. There is no cure for CHDs and most children undergo at least one if not more surgeries before their first birthday. Many children end up with additional medical difficulties, developmental delays, and feeding difficulties due to their precious hearts.


After only 7 weeks, these are the medical bills that he racked up, including 5 weeks in the NICU, 1 week in the PICU and open heart surgery. The bills totaling over $130,000!ย 

But after losing my son to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a CHD in which the left ventricle of the heart is severely underdeveloped, I would like to do something for him. With medical advances, more and more of our CHD kids are living long and healthy lives! There are many organizations that are doing research to find a cure and help further advance medical technology.

Thankfully Alexander was double covered, both my husband and I had insurance and both of us had Kaiser. There are many families out there that are not so lucky.

Alexander was born at Kaiser – Sunset, in Hollywood. His surgery took place at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. During the first five weeks, we stayed in the Ronald McDonald House of Hollywood.

As I mentioned in the If I Had a Million Dollars, Finish the Sentence Friday post a few weeks ago, I would donate to them on behalf of my son. Since it’s hard to win a million dollars since I don’t play the lottery, I figured I could start donating anyway.

In celebration of Heart Month, I will donate 100% of the commissions that I receive off of my site, to the Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. I have a goal of $1,000.

So, what does that mean? Any time you purchase through any of the following, I will give 100% of what I receive to them. It does not include any fees that other services deduct, just the amount I receive.

  • Beachbody, with products like P90x, Insanity, Focus T25, Shakeology, and the brand new 21 Day Fix
  • Norwex, which is green cleaning company where most products allow you to skip the use of ANY chemical!
  • Amazon. Anything, just anything! Doesn’t cost you a penny more, but can benefit the cause! Click the link and find something you LOVE!
  • Sponsor spots

Or if you would like to donate directly to one of these fabulous organizations:ย Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (please choose Heart Care for the option of need) or Ronald McDonald House, choosing support in memory of Alexander Grant and locally to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern California.

If you choose to donate directly, please email me at spiritedlife @ gmail.com so I can keep track of the donation total. ANY little bit helps, so please consider any of the above options!

I would love if you would help me reach this goal.

This is a part of Finish the Sentence Friday….

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