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And its keeping a secret. I hope that’s a talent!

I sit down for a lecture. I’m a little early. Rare for me, so I start doodling in my notebook. Since I can’t draw worth a darn, I start humming to myself. There’s only one other person in the lecture and I don’t think they’d mind.

I Can Keep a SecretA third person walks in, choosing one seat away from me in the 100 person lecture hall. I continue humming which for some reason means that she has an opening to talk. After just a couple of minutes of small talk, she opens up and asks me a question. She was close to tears at this point.  I was definitely confused.

“Would you tell your boyfriend you’ve been cheating if you’ve already broken it off?” She asked. I could only muster a “Umm” she went on to explain the situation about how she’d been cheating and that morning HE had broken it off. She then realized how awful it was to have started and wanted to confess to her boyfriend what she had done.

Over the years, for some reason, people from near and far have been willing to tell me their secrets.

I’m not talking about the “inner circle of friends”, I’m talking about near complete strangers.  People I have met on busses or planes, people who I have sit next to in a auditorium or at a lecture have divulged their inner most thoughts and actions.

Throughout high school and college, I came across a lot of people, I was heavily involved in a lot of activities.  I would meet people all of the time.

Thankfully, I’ve never heard about someone harming another or wanting to. I think the worse one was someone having been in porn and they were afraid that the man’s family would find out and change their opinion of them.

This has been another edition of Finish the Sentence Friday. I’m posting early, but it’ll go live tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

Finish the Sentence Friday

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