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Feature Friday CIS The last two weeks were just INSANELY crazy. Submitting on my own writing project, and editing someone else’s. Of course, I’m picking up on my work, and this hop is one of the things getting me through the week. That said, let’s get started!

My first feature is from Lydia of Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen. I have just started making my own chicken stock and haven’t been able to put it down on paper. This reminds me how easy it is to do and write up!

Vegetable Broth ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen

I’ve never lived in the snow, but I used to live at the base of the mountains in California, where getting to it was normally only a half an hour to an hour away. I miss it SO much. There’s no snow here in Florida (at least where I am). There are also no mountains. Anyway, check out the pictures taken by Clairity at Hip2bMom.com. They are gorgeous, and of course, MAGICAL!

I’m completely going to pat myself on the back with this one (don’t judge!), Scarlett took my advice and shared it with her readers. How can I NOT make it one of my favorite’s for the week? Of course this now means that you can suck up to me by mentioning me. LOL! I love you all equally. Any way, Scarlett’s Excellent Adventures talks about her journey to eat healthier following Juggling Real Food and Real Life’s plan, and purchasing food with only FIVE ingredients. Can you do it?

From someone who is probably going to take this under advisement very soon, the MOST CLICKED POST of the week comes from Poekitten from Many Waters.

Many Waters How to Get The Most Out Of Your Old Blog Posts

Email Reminders

Don’t forget to head over to our host Brittnei at Homemaking in Style and this week’s co-host Tameka at Pastries Pi & Pumps to find out if you were featured there! Grab a badge for your site!

100lb Countdown

Did you miss these? You may have missed some others too! Make sure that you visit this week’s linkup! Come back Sunday so we can party again! Thanks so much!

Nameplate 2 with Be Blessed

Today is the last day! My fundraiser is still going for children with congenital heart defects. Please check it out here!

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