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This year, I promised myself that I would change the way I eat. I’ve made that promise every year for the last four years. Since I start out the year with the Daniel Fast (basically a vegan, all natural diet), every January goes well, but by February I fall off!

Cooking with Coconut Oil Review

What do I plan on doing different this year? I’m going to learn and prepare more natural recipes! So, when I received an offer to review a book on the popular coconut oil, I jumped at the opportunity.

The problem is that my wallet didn’t.

I’m not saying the ingredients were expensive, I’m just saying that I was not prepared for the cost of rebuilding my pantry after moving cross country. When you don’t have basics in the house (like salt, pepper, eggs, any form of meat), it’s hard to go buy coconut flour.

That said, I poured over the recipe book, like I’ve never done. See, the book is Gluten-Free AND Grain-Free! I turned page after page trying to decide which recipe I’d try first. Lemon Meringue Pie? Primal Burgers? Waffles?

What did I land on? Bread. Sandwich Bread to be exact. I’m addicted to bread. See, I love a good piece of buttered toast or a loaded sandwich. How do you do that without gluten or grains and still make it taste good?

Well, Elizabeth found a way.


Using coconut flour, flax seed and almond butter, the bread is a very close replacement to what we already buy. Ms B wanted to get involved, even though I planned to have her help, she was so excited that I was cooking something she could help with, she even smiled for the picture!

My husband and son ate it for dinner and only half the loaf was left. He even ate it with the dinner that I prepared, even though I had told him he didn’t have to. See, my husband doesn’t eat anything “healthy” unless it actually tastes good. He’s all for having a healthier diet, but he’s not interested in sacrificing taste.

The loaf we made was about half the size of a regular loaf, but was definitely more filling. I cut the slices the same thickness of regular bread, but I needed to cut them in half. It was actually TOO much bread for the burgers we had.

Each loaf is reasonably priced at approximately $2 a loaf, it’s definitely easy to make the switch from a whole wheat bread from the store to this bread.

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Disclosure: I received the cookbook in exchange for the review. All opinions within are my own. If you choose to purchase the book through any of the enclosed links, I may receive compensation.


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